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Yaremche - a picturesque

Yaremche - a picturesque village which is situated near the foot of the Beskid range in the west Carpathians at an altitude of 542 meters above sea level.

Rest in Yaremche attracts many tourists in any season. For example, in the winter here gets to ski lovers. Ski holidays in Yaremche provided by elevator route (800 meters), the presence of ski equipment. But this is not the main reason to come here in winter. Winter Holiday in Yaremche attracts tourists proximity to the highest point Beskid Range - Mount Pikui which rises to 1405 meters above sea level. Excellent natural conditions and that the location of the village make it a desirable place for thousands of tourists.

If you are not wondering ski vacation in Yaremche you can enjoy the beauty of local nature, scenery, clean air and, of course, Transcarpathian colors. In the warm season Yaremche opens its guests are other nice features of rest. In summer you can relax by the mountain river Prut River, which flows through the village, swim, sunbathe. Spring gives you the possibility to experience the awakening of nature and autumn - forest fruits, berries and mushrooms. So what time you would not come to Yaremche rest in winter, spring, summer or fall, you still have only the most pleasant and warm memories of Yaremche.

Incidentally, in the summer recreation include the cost of trips organized excursions. This is why many tourists prefer to buy a tour (rest Yaremche) to pay all at once not to burden themselves searching trips. However it should be noted that not all choose this option rest. Many tourists choose to vacation in private Yaremche to fully enjoy the local color and stay closer to nature. Hospitality hosts, authentic cuisine and added to the culture Yaremche in this version of the rest, of course, will please any tourist.

Yaremche (rest, prices, housing)
In summer and winter prices on vacation here about the same. It is in these seasons in the village there is a special influx of tourists, so the cost centers in Yaremche in these periods can not be called low. But in the so-called off-season (fall, spring), prices are much lower.
As for the choice of housing - lack of it you do not feel. You will have the opportunity to choose to rest in Yaremche mini hotel, a recreation center or a private yard. Everything is at your service. In addition, of course, you can choose the option that satisfies you for a price and quality.
The main opportunity to combine treatment and rest in Yaremche gives you plenty of fresh mountain air that for the rest you fill the health and life forces. Well, and hiking on the nature will bring a surge of adrenaline and energy for as long as a year.

If you rest at the seaside not attraction, and you are still thinking where to go on vacation, Yaremche (Ukraine) One of the best choices.

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