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Yaremche - the village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, located in the same basin surrounded by mountains. Village has its own unique microclimate, which makes traveling in Yaremche real gift at any time of year.
The winter is mild, often thaw, despite the fact that in the surrounding mountains is snow. Therefore, winter vacation in Yaremche appreciated by tourists who do not like heavy frosts. Optionally, you can go to nearby ski resorts or pidkotytysya on the slopes surrounding the village. Yaremche winter - rest, soaked crystal clear voice to the mountain air is filled with activity and unity with nature.

Yaremche - one of the most popular spa resorts, which attracts many tourists in the summer. Yaremche summer - vacation combined with the influence of numerous charitable healing mineral waters, the cleanest air, quiet and comfort. Moreover, summer is warm but not scorching - clear weather is mild cloudiness changes.
Although there is no season that does not come to rest in Kalush. Just submit a warm, painted yellow and red autumn among mountain landscapes, as here no longer exist any doubt. Rest in Yaremche fall - a real natural beauty and aesthetic pleasure. After visiting one day, you can not deny yourself the pleasure to come again and again.

A private vacation in Yaremche give preference lovers in the Carpathian region and the hospitality of local home owners. If the hotel you prefer a private courtyard, you are provided with good impression, herbal tea and real Carpathian dishes. However, many still choose tours (rest Yaremche) that provide everything - from accommodation to tours of local sites, visiting mineral springs.

Yaremche (rest, prices, housing)
Resort democraticness different pricing and great choice of housing for all tastes. Cost of holiday in Yaremche not depend on the season. Price will rest here only due to your desires and abilities. Let it be summer or winter vacation in Yaremche, housing prices and food remain the same. Here you see how nice to know that your holiday depends on your choice. And what place or time you would choose a holiday in Yaremche (2010) will leave pleasant memories and a positive charge to the next vacation.

Also Yaremche not only allows you to relax and enjoy nature, but also improve health. Services to those looking to combine all the rest and treatment in Yaremche - big resorts, health facilities and complexes. The local mineral water, as shown by research, do charity to the kidneys, liver, treated with high and low stomach acidity, as well as anemia and diabetes.

Yaremche (Ukraine) - rest for body and soul, beautiful mountain scenery, the smell of forest herbs, fresh air and healing waters alive Carpathian sources

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