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Yaremche - a small village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the starting point for many trails in the Carpathians. Here is the road to Mount Hoverla, Petros and Bliznitsa.
The nature of the land awarded special beauty. Beautiful scenery, fresh air and feeling of complete isolation from the outside world are luring the summer and winter holidays in Yaremche all those who love the mountains.
Rest in Yaremche give you an unforgettable experience that you inspire activity for many months.

Yaremche: winter vacation
In the winter Yaremche especially beautiful. Majestic mountain peaks covered with snow, vast expanses and much snow. Ski holidays in Yaremche practically absent. In the village there is one lift loop, but mostly tourists choose to ride the nearby mountains.

Yaremche (Ukraine): summer holiday
Yaremche summer - a favorite place of numerous travelers. In the village you will find everything for an excellent holiday - gathering mushrooms and berries, fishing, hiking hiking, horseback riding, ATV and more. In addition, Yaremche famous for its identity and folk art. Hungarian and gutsulskaya kitchen, clean mountain air, beautiful nature will give your holiday memories.

Yaremche: rest, prices, housing
Today, the village is actively developing. On its territory there are many places to rest in private Yaremche - cottages, private houses and small hotels. There is a market, department store, shopping center. Cost of holiday in Yaremche democratic, than the ski resorts. By completely reasonable price can take good housing. Yaremche winter - rest, the prices that you will enjoy its affordability and comfort.

Buying a holiday-tours (Yaremche), you get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this distinctive region, is looking with all those interesting places and just rest your soul. Best vacation 2010 vacation in Yaremche!

If you have interesting information about Yaremche vkarpatah@ukr.net send it and we are happy to publish with your name. Let's create together an interesting site about recreation and entertainment in Ukraine.

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