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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 10 » Yaremcha - a small town situated in Predkarpatyi
Yaremcha - a small town situated in Predkarpatyi

Yaremcha - a small town situated in Predkarpatyi near the right bank of the River Prut. The city is the administrative center Frankivsk region and the historic center of Bukovina. Comfortable cobbled stone streets, courtyards unusual, interesting architecture - everything is soaked ancient history, which dates back to Neolithic times. Knowingly Yaremcha number of lions into account cultural center of western Ukraine. Choosing holiday in Yaremche you plunge into a special atmosphere pronyknites local touch, nature, and probably want to visit here again and again, because the local monuments so much that time to see everything - just not possible.

Yaremcha: summer vacation
Rest in Yaremche give you a lot of impressions - old churches and cathedrals (Nicholas wooden church, stone church of St. George Cathedral in the Byzantine style, etc..) Municipal buildings, theaters, university - who merely architectural styles are not represented in Yaremche. Here you can see everything: from Empire to Romanesque and Gothic styles.
Summer holiday Yaremcha meet you by nature, filled with bright colors, if you walk around the city Patronage, you can look at the river or even go close to the Carpathians.

Yaremcha: winter vacation
Winter Holiday in Yaremche attracts mainly those who want to see the city, and after pidkotytysya skiing in the Carpathians. And if you were already in Yaremche, spring vacation gives you a city completely on the other hand - you sure the alchemy in the small historic town that will not leave indifferent absolutely no tourist.

Yaremcha: vacation, price
Prices on vacation in Yaremche pleasant surprise either. Prohulyavshys through the streets of the city, you can go to the tavern, tasted thorough Western Ukrainian hominy dish, drink coffee in a cozy cafe, and this does not impact on your wallet. Housing prices also like you - you can choose how great apartments and private holiday in Yaremche - cozy cottage - a very grounded prices.
If you are interested in ancient Ukraine, Yaremcha-vacation for you.
So if you decide to spend your vacation informative, interesting and beneficial to the soul, the better option than the rest and treatment in Yaremche, you will not find.
Buy the rest (tours) to Yaremcha and discover this unforgettable corner of the Carpathians.

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