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We offer you

We offer you a selection of information regarding aspects of the stay and rest at the wonderful Ukrainian Carpathians - Yaremche

Yaremche - the most famous health resort and tourist center of the Carpathians, is situated at an altitude of 585 m above sea level. On all sides surrounded by mountains. Through the city flows the river Prut, which dates back some fifty miles upstream from the foot of the mountain Goverla. Yaremche - low-mountain health resort of the forest zone. Summers are warm, slightly overcast weather prevails. The average July temperature reaches 18 C. Autumn is warm, often fog. Winters are mild, the snow, the average January temperature of -6 C.

Vegetation around Yaremche fairly rich. Mountain pine, spruce, alder, beech, birch and many other species. A lot of berries and mushrooms. Rich and fauna of Carpathians - wolves and bears, fox, hare, marten, deer, squirrels, wild boars (wild tourists by not taking).
Transport links: suburban and inter-regional rail, buses, taxis, cars Radiotaxi allow you to quickly get to almost any location, at your request.
Long and gentle slopes in the peri-urban settlements are equipped with lifts, which causes a large influx of winter sports enthusiasts.
One of the most interesting parts of Ukraine, has attracted its picturesque scenery, clean air, rivers and streams, springs, mountain peaks, memorable tourist destinations and popular traditions.
The territory of the city, suburban towns, tourist destinations are covered by mobile phones from all the operators in Ukraine. Communication node in Yaremche and settlement. Vorokhta give you a link to any city in the world.


Rest - it's not just hiking, it's going to the country "gourmet.

Market - the place where the outfit vegetables, disposable Chinese krosovkami, mushrooms, berries, milk and other things first and last need to jerk in the mountains or the beach. As in any self-respecting market, there are almost all kinds of goods. Vacationers come to practice with the minimum of things to buy food promrynke and throw things, after several days of use. It's easy, convenient and not burdensome.

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