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Close to the mountain

The incredible spectacle and event for Hutsulia have access to the plains. In late spring, May 7 after villagers gave cattle to pasture. Sometimes the whole congregation vidprovadzhuvala cattle and shepherds. Exit the mountain accompanied by sounds trembitas and horns. Sometimes so-called mountain valley course could take several days. Before grazing, often near the church, announced the launch day milk yield and grazing animals. Hopes of animals defined profit each owner of livestock.
Before entering the mountain Hutsul man (the owners) carefully prepared. During the year, owners of animals kept in the days of fasting or certain customs. For example, in St. George, who is the patron sheep (celebrated May 6), observed fasting and not working. At the Annunciation (April 7) sheep wool cut near the tail, then they did it with thread. In the day of the mountain sheep tied knot with this hair, believing that it will keep them out of trouble.
On the day Gazda output rose the morning and spoke at a prayer candle for their cattle, asked how she feels responsible myself that well. Then, according to tradition, manners, dedication, counted his sheep or other cattle, which gave the mountain. Only after this ceremony cast a mansion and doluchav Polonyny to go.
In the meadow oblashtovuvaly shepherds huts that obhorodzhuvaly and there built the shanty, which lodged. Middle of the booth during the whole grazing season burning campfire. Animals were also assigned a place in the fence that are made from fir. Thanks for the Shepherds meadow with sheep or other livestock also has its customs, which still adhere to some settlement. On the way to the mountain Yaremche still celebrated in the village Mikulichin.


One of the most interesting wedding traditions is that in Hutsulia still retained its authenticity.
Weddings usually begins Saturday and lasts two days, however preliminary ceremonies begin much earlier. Thursday morning weave a wreath of flowers and various herbs, which are also called fate, this process leads married woman. The wreath should be longer and more colorful as possible - as destiny wishes for the young. On Friday a young friend going to choose a staff - an essential attribute gutsulskogo wedding that adorn the various ribbons. On Saturday early morning start to wear a bride - her wash, dress and then gassed in gutsulskuyu array. In all ceremonies - weaving garlands, tree selection, dressing the bride singing ritual songs or express specific prymovlyannya that are important.
Towards the south comes to a young bride, who welcomes her groom. Groom should buy a bride. Later the couple go into the house and asked the blessing and forgiveness from their parents lap. After blessing the couple go to church on horseback - the tradition of horseback exists only in Hutsulia. Church marriage ceremony held in the church. Thus, young horses are returned to the venue of entertainment, where the celebration continued. In Hutsulia there are many interesting wedding ceremonies that take place during the games - a ritual dance of the young, passing over a cake, rozpletennya skew young and fun at the end vidprovadzhuvannya young "for sleeping.


Christmas belongs to naytradytsiynishyh nayshanovnishyh and holidays in Hutsulia. Christmas celebration begins the night before January 6 (December 25, Old Style) with a family holiday dinners. Hostesses in the morning light "live fire" in the oven from twelve logs and prepare the ritual twelve meatless dishes. On the table lay themselves down upon the hay and lay the table cloth, put teeth in the sides of garlic to evil forces and obmynaly wheat to multiply children. When the first star came down the oldest in the family enters the house specially twisted sheaf of wheat called Didukh. Then the prayer begins prymovlyannya - Invitation to All Souls holiday dinner and requests for blessings of family and farm. She said the eldest in a family or husband. The family then began the celebration dinner.
The most interesting was caroling. People were divided into groups - youth and children, church choirs - after the sound went on trembity carols. In Nativity plays carols gathered that showed Christmas performances. For children carols gave nuts pampuhy, apples and other treats. Girls who send the funds in fancy outfits called "korolytsi" boys "Luhovyky.


One nayradisnishyh was celebrating Easter holidays - the biggest Christian holiday. In the traditions and customs Gutsulschiny bound Christian and pagan traditions.
On Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, hutsuly consecrated willow branches are called "b'yechka, gently strike each of his family, saying:" I have not b'yu, b'yechka hits - now this week Easter! " . Consecrated willows hutsuly hanged at home as one that had healing properties.
On the eve of Passover all prepared for the biggest Christian holiday - fast 40 days, attend special prayers for Lent and Easter prepare attributes. The most interesting feature of the oldest and Easter is the Easter egg - even pre-Christian symbol of the sun, life, immortality, rebirth, good, joy and happiness. In Christian tradition the Easter egg became a symbol of faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and joy. In addition to coloring Easter eggs, Easter hutsuly prepares meals that consecrated on Sunday morning during the liturgy and consume entire family after returning from church. On Easter day echoed throughout the mountains of church bells, proclaiming the great news and Christian joy.

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