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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 10 » Top 5 affordable Carpathian ski resorts
Top 5 affordable Carpathian ski resorts

Top 5 affordable Carpathian ski resorts

To relax on the New Year in the Carpathians, the majority of fans are preparing to put ski tidy sum for the week of Christmas vacation. Elite B Bukovelya Yaremcha and numerous ski trails and lifts are an infinite number of Slimming any wallet.

However, the Carpathians do not always leave visitors without a penny of money, and in some cases quite funny money you can get decent service and great ski slopes, no worse than Bukovelya Yaremchi.Nyzhche will be described or resorts that do not require a lot of money resting and provide excellent service and recreational opportunities for all tastes.


1. Verkhovyna - resort, where value for money can be found not only housing, but prokotytsya of several ski slopes. This mountain village is situated at a distance of 150 km from the regional center of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Because access to this village is extremely limited (there can be reached only by taxi or bus from Irkutsk or Vorokhta railway station, which is much closer - 31 km), this resort is not too popular among many Russians and Poles inflates prices in any city in which they rest. In addition, Werchowyna the perfect choice for those who choose to celebrate New Year 2011 in Ukraine, because while there are still vacancies in local boarding houses and private hotels which are popular resorts were booked since mid-October. Certainly infrastructure of the village is poor, but here you can easily get to such famous places as Bukovel and Yaremcha and fully enjoy the beauty of the elite centers of higher grade. Rent a room in this village can be ridiculous price - $ 10 per person and is in high season!

2. Vorokhta - favorite vacation spot not only lovers of skiing, but Hutsul culture. Only here you can buy souvenirs from the Carpathian real wood, made by all canons gutsulskoy thread. Getting to this urban village is open from Irkutsk by train, you will immediately be offered hotel rooms for every taste and wallet. On average Vorokhta, even in high season you can settle for 18-20 dollars from the double room. The reason that in this village is quite low prices, lack of foreign tourists because of weak advertising campaign this coming kurortu.Syudy those who want a quiet rest, prokotytsya on gentle slopes and a breath of fresh mountain air.

3. Towers - one of the most democratic of ski resorts in Ukraine. If you have a question: "Where cheap break in the new year?" Towers will be the best option. Just imagine, for just $ 25 with the double room you get a chance to ride with excellent ski trails in place and at any time to go skiing in Europe as Bukovele and other expensive places. The reason of low prices on holiday that it is a relatively new resort that has a sufficient resource base. Those who arrived without their equipment will have to tightly as rental have a limited range of equipment. Infrastructure is poor, but all this does not spoil the impression of national colors and the surrounding untouched nature, analogues of which can not be found in any place around the globe.

4. CBS - 350 meter descent leave absolutely indifferent professionals skiing and will be opened to those who never had to deal with this sport, but keen to learn. The route length of 1200 meters will bring the thrill even the most experienced skiers. To remove a hotel in the New Year weekend you will have to pay about $ 15 per person for a double room, but the money spent fully recovered thanks to the excellent service and highly developed infrastructure. Such low prices can be explained by one - "Lack of information about this resort in Russian and Polish tour operators.

5. Sheshory - one of the most remote ski resorts, which can reach only a fan of this place. A small town, where you can rent a house in a posh pansionatike for $ 17 per person, and in the private sector only 3-5 dollars a day. Here you will find snow routes and more than 1,5 km long, and incredible Hutsul traditions, especially impressive music festival, held annually at this location. The only problem, because of which prices of holidays in this village is so low - the distance from the well-known luxury resorts.

Summing up, we want to draw your attention to the fact that sometimes in such low-cost locations are best spend your vacation, because personnel, who are not accustomed to big money even for a minimal fee to make you much more than a haughty receptionist Bukovelya for 10 bucks . And nature has kept its pristine beauty, which you can enjoy for free.

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