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South of Yaremche in the distance a 27 km is village of Tatariv. The name of village reminds about a large attack Tatars on a village. To it village the little name of Prutec' and Belzec'. After the destructive attacking of Tatars village in 1673 years got the nowaday name. In a soviet period a village had the name Flint on behalf of soviet lieutenant, which perished here in 1944 years. The old name of Tatariv is returned only in 1992 years.

 Development of village began after the construction of railway which passed here. Quite a bit people rested in villas and resort hotels on territory of village from poch. ХХ item, in fact it is acknowledged Tatariv a balneological niz'kogirnim resort, where treat tuberculosis and other pulmonary illnesses. A village almost to foundation was blasted during And world war. To 1927 year Tatariv was prisilkom of Mikulichina.

The church of sv is built in a village in traditional gucul'skomu style. Dmitriya, which is dated the XVIII item together with a bell tower. Into a church, painting is stored kitty of ХІХ item

Today Tatariv one of important resort localities, where people rest and treat oneself from the different corners of Ukraine. Tatariv often serves as a starting point for an output on a mountain Hamster, Lesniv and Bruise.


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