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Scapulars survived long stage of evolution, before appearing in the current form. The first copy was real tarpaulin bags with straps, popularly known as "balls", and later began producing prototypes of modern structures - the so-called "abalakivski" and "yarovski. After them came skeleton "Yermak," but then the market is filled anatomical Scapulars.
Manufacturers: an overview of the market
In the Soviet production of travel backpacks began in 30 of the last century, and in independent Ukraine enthusiasts developed first conveyor early 90th.
In terms of domestic producers are pioneers capital firm Elite Sports, Adventure and Zhytomyr Travel Extreme. Later they Kiev has given exemplary Terra Incognita, Commandor Donetsk and Capricorn.

Import sector until recently was presented mainly Neighbors: Polish Campus, Czech TrekSport and Pinguin, Hungarian and Russian AdventureR Bask and equipment My.
Later, with the welfare of travelers on the Ukrainian market is out to the world famous and expensive brands like the German High Peak, Lowe Alpine and Tatonka, French Lafuma and Millet, German Salewa, U.S. The North Face and others.

Types and Features

Discard the old generation of "balls" and "Ermak" and carry on the classification of modern language Scapulars.

Volume. This criterion is crucial for the further classification as Scapulars content directly related to its purpose.

Specialization. The vast majority of products on the travel market represented by two basic types Scapulars - forwarding and assault. The first significant difference between the volume (90-120 liters) and designed for long trips kilkadennyh, second - smaller (50-80 liters) - suitable for short radial routes and have a number of special adaptations. In particular, assault Scapulars equipped with additional buckle and mount equipment, pocket for ski-sticks and other telescopes. Anticipated broad geography of travel - manufacturers guarantee their products suitability for any of the mountains and the weather, especially for short trips in Carpathian Mountains.

Scapulars Cruise in "pure" form is not easy to find. Despite the division of default types, most manufacturers are trying to reach a maximum audience of consumer produce to market so-called combination products - namely, forwarding Scapulars of accessories for additional (assault) equipment. Also in Ukrainian shops have appeared specialized assault samples, particularly for travel to ski "ski-tours, rock climbing or water tourism.


All Scapulars consist of three main parts. In many companies are not very different, but each manufacturer is trying to make (and sometimes even invent, not the perederty in neighbor) for your product some constructive "sparkle" that creates the market and the diversity of species.
Scapulars main elements are: a housing; power strap with a lap belt, which are responsible for mounting the body on the back, suspension system, which serves as an intermediate link between the first and second element and makes the process easier and safer transportation to health.
Accessories: flap or lid that closes the upper entrance to Scapulars, and includes extra space for things; chest covering, which unloads the shoulder straps of power; pockets on the sides and front Scapulars, side buckles for oversized items, and other information.

What I look for when buying

Valves are sewn to Scapulars, and those that are removed - to buckle. Last, you can always vidkripyty backpack filled with low-lift or extend - excessive. In most valves vshyvayut internal pockets, sometimes with two entrances (inside and outside). Recommended items to take with attachments for "cats" at the top of the valve (there is also comfortable to wear wet raincoat or a bottle of water). It is important that the locks are closed and fix the valve were not pryazhkovo-type knitting, and fasteksy, trucks (you will appreciate their convenience, if often open valve).

The reliability of fastening elements in Scapulars, such as buckles or fasteksiv largely depends on their manufacturer. Leading firms provide their own furniture range known trademarks, for example, DuraflexT or NexusT.

Recognized as the global benchmark in manufacturing locks, strikes a Japanese firm YKKT. Products of this company cheap Scapulars not completed. Lock easier to use (especially cold), if "dog" on the lightning is a synthetic extension.
Tube, which serves to further increase the useful volume (approximately 10 liters) is the top (sometimes - bottom) the continuation of building him a backpack. This item is available in most units. Locking tube screed is the pin-clamp or mechanism of the gear (at least - wedge-shaped lock). The first option more convenient to work, but the other keeps reliable fastening.

Side and the other covering to be most oversized items, including tents, mats or sticks to the external circuit Scapulars. Idle, they are quite rare. Important that the length of the straps was a stock, or the process equipment becomes a penalty.

Compression buckles keep a form Scapulars, depending on load.
External pocket (front or side) experienced travelers need when allocating stuff that significantly simplify their search (eg, cap, or flask of water).

The material from which produced the lion's share of all Scapulars market is CorduraT. With high quality branded cloth (inventor - French DuPontR) sew only expensive backpacks, in other cases, use good quality substitutes. Some Polish producers to economize on the original material, went to the well-known marketing trick. They produce similar material for the property under a name like Endura consonant or Duront. Private domestic firmachi this is not dodumalysya - it touches "lime" label with a symbol of authenticity and take it for more money. Let's be careful!

An important addition to the quality of fabric is its treatment of drainage layer of polyurethane. Without such coverage Scapulars proteche. Identify the process is not so difficult - just look at the inner surface of the material: it must be characteristic of glass-matte color. Test the water may additionally attest coverage - gathered in skladtsi tissue water is seeping. Most manufacturers took it a rule to handle the fabric, although two years ago the situation was the opposite.
"Kordura" are different densities - from 600 to 1000 units (day). Harder and heavier fabric vytryvalishoyu (1000 HD) mainly enhanced bottom to save the rest of the body and put more soft and easier to six hundred.

Scapulars flow not only through the rough fabric, but also at the seams. Additional processing tool fabric fasteners rubber layers and thermal sizing seams - certainly advantages in choosing the desired commodity.
Straps and belt should be neither too soft nor too hard. The first to lose form and vykryvlyayutsya during exercise, others quickly natyrayut peretyskayut and shoulders. Now most manufacturers profilyuyut straps under contour of the human body, providing them with ergonomic S-shaped form.

Particular attention should be paid suspension system. The more she prylashtuyetsya to back, the easier it will be held everyday tourist. If the suspension includes the appropriate covering or prylipky - a plus if the suspension is static - it is negative. Curb bulge Scapulars should not rely on the buttocks tourist.

Preferred suspension frame is metal plate. It is better to feed them in the case was not sutured, and the plates freely vyymalysya if necessary (washing or repair). Corpulent metal is dyuralyuminiy: it is lighter than steel, but the resistance of aluminum. Edges of plates must be high quality and factory smooth (not rubber, as it was before) - the experience confirmed their parasitic ability to cut block. In addition, sometimes plate ergonomic S-shaped profile vyhynayut in the body. Such a system is less tired muscles and better cargo holds.
Unloading zone - a valuable element in the suspension. Properly configured, it can take the 40 percent weight Scapulars, and stir relieve shoulder. Loads over 25 pounds without a belt to wear extremely difficult. Two particular standard locks Tipping: trident-fasteks mortgages and buckle-truck. By performing both about the same, but the accessories to pryazhok rare in sales. It is also important to fasteks was vshytyy tape - it makes it quick replacement.
Surface pendants, belts and straps in contact with the body, most manufacturers proshyvayut special net fabric. Each system has its original name like AirBack System, but one function - ventilation. Manufacturers say that back in those nets less pitniye and better breathing. Usually how it is. In addition, porous fabric dries faster.

Virtually all manufacturers provide the outside power straps півкільцями not always known for their appointment. Rarely touches them complete loops for hands. These loops solve two problems at once: to "idly", and is now involved delayed hand weights and power strap reduces load on the long-suffering shoulder and collarbone.

Some models present lateral septum, which allows Scapulars divided into compartments. Benefit from it, not much - except that isolation.

Very easy thing, as it turned out, a transport loop. A connection when you want to shoot him a backpack, extra grip keeps fasteksam valve life, and tourists - health. In most products it is one - a valve at the back Scapulars, what inadequate already at 20 kilograms load. Important that it was well TRHEAD.
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