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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 16 » Rollers for all tastes
Rollers for all tastes

Rollers for all tastes

All you need for body and soul desperate skater and beginners, there is - if not in the Carpathian town, in the Carpathian mountains. Our anabazys region showed that the skating rink rage of life, and some of them vyruvatyme almost to parching summer.

"Snow Queen", "Doctors and other

Skating rink in downtown Lviv, near the town hall, and now resembles the atmosphere of early last century. The same market area, where before the first world flooded ice rink, the same Fortress XIV-XIX centuries around ...

Lions have another ice rink - in sports and recreation center "quack". There is an instructor of figure skating equipment, renting is 200 pairs of skates. Area "health" a little more than open the municipal skating rink - 20 to 40 meters. Both are covered with artificial ice, which provides a special platform umontovanoyu her refrigeration unit. This ice is not melting up to 15 degrees above zero ...

In Ivano-Frankivsk draw ice skating and winter can be, and among the hot summer. Complex "Ice Arena specializes exclusively on skating and make it fun for the fans -" ice discos, themed shows, and tournaments. Field arena - 24 to 58 meters - at the same time takes up to two hundred people. Admission - 25-40 Hr. Price depends on the day of week and time of day (from 17.00 - expensive). Sessions continued for 45 minutes, from 8.00 to 24.00. The most expensive tickets on weekends and holidays. But two o'clock disco from midnight to two hours of the night every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cost 30 USD. ABC teaches ice skating coach. Rent skates - 15 Hr. Style, which made Frankivsk skating, emphasizes its nature club.
Skating rink in Lutsk, a loud name - "Snow Queen". Originally it was ordinary hockey field, a crisis whose citizens were riding in the free games and sports training time. But hockey failed competition. Skater hockey player has given so powerful that rink this season, changed his schedule to benefit first and began work on covering the arena ... There are fans - 350 pairs of skates of different sizes, rental and instructor. Forty-five minutes on the ice including shoe rental will cost 25 USD on weekdays and 30 UAH - the weekend ...

Break hastily

In Uzhgorod, Ternopol and under the ice adapted outdoor sports facilities - wait for frost and filled them with water. In Uzhgorod rink turned to one of the tennis courts (11 to 11 meters) in the sports complex, near Gorky Park. The area receives only 30 skater, renting a 50 shoe. Rental equipment - 15 USD per half hour. The same ticket costs for ice rink that can ride throughout the day, from 11 to 21 hours. Ternopolyany and visitors kovzayutsya in Shevchenko Park, on the playground, where children ride in the summer electric. Another one ice rink, is covered with artificial, planned to open in late winter shopping complex "Podolyany" - it was like to be year round ...

A new modern sports complex, suited for winter sports, opened on Christmas in Kalush (Ivano-Frankovsk region). This "Ice Palace" near the city park has a hockey arena for lessons, figure skating and ice skating jogging. Administration of complex claims that for skater-lovers there is a crisis time and place.
The resort option

... First among resorts in the Carpathian rink opened Turkompleks BULOVEL (Ivano-Frankivsk). Skating rink is just one of the many entertainments. Its area is small, 16 to 12 meters, ice - artificial. Rent skates and they are 200 pairs, includes skiing. HB Arrivals - 45 minutes. From 12 to 17 hours - 50 Hr. Sessions evening walks, from 17.00 to 23.00, at cost 25 USD more expensive. The greatest skater on the ice going after 20.00, when the lifts stop work ...
Second consecutive year on New Year's holiday ice rink hosted for your guests Slavske (Lviv region). The stadium in the center of town filled quite large, 20 by 40 meter ice rink. The hour of skating from 12 to 23 - 50 USD for rental skates. Feedback cares instructor (the "Bukovele" This service is not provided). The holidays take place on the ice show. As the patron of a local skating rink complex, "4 Seasons", his clients have a special discount - 50 percent.

Turkompleks "Migovo (Chernivtsi region) opened the ice rink just the end of December. Arena with artificial ice 24 to 58 meters deployed at the foot of the mountain near the ski trails and a restaurant. Skating rink operates from 11 am till midnight, night floodlights lit the ice. Rental, is the base of the instructors, is armed with 350 pairs of skates. During "high season" (during January), as well as weekend and holiday hours at the cost of ice - 40 Hr. In another time - 30. Turkompleks residents - 20 percent less ...

The biggest area for outdoor rink in the Carpathian Mountains is in the entertainment complex "Viking's Bay" (Lviv). Lake, largest 150 by 300 meters, where the summers are engaged in diving, winter becomes a full-rollers. This time ride on ice and vpravlyayutsya with putter - every Sunday at the rink are friendly competitions in amateur hockey. Just the middle of the lake on a wooden round Vikings - bar. To go there for tea, mulled wine or coffee with brandy, skates do not have to withdraw. Perehylyv zihrivalnoho a pot of something - and quick on the ice again. Rink operates from 9.00 to 21.00. Rental shoes and they are 250 pairs - 20 Hr. A ticket for all day skiing - 10 Hr. Skating rink in the locker room has a shower. And in the nearby stables - pony and donkey. One of the favorite entertainment of children - they ride around the lake, while parents write out the shape of the crisis ...

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