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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » Rescuers asked not to joke with the mountains
Rescuers asked not to joke with the mountains

Rescuers asked not to joke with the mountains
Category: Holiday

In February, in the Carpathians begins avalanche period, which means an increased risk for those who like to travel stand-alone mountain ranges. In this regard, rescuers remind tourists of the need to comply with safety regulations.

"Going on the trip, you should prepare a route letter and sign up for rescue point - tells News Service Yaremche Head mountain search and rescue point in Yaremche Basil Lihatsky. Here you can get advice and weather in the highlands, to order a mountain guide services. "

Rescuers once again reminded that the preparation of the campaign, the selection of equipment, the issuance of the mountains and many other trifles, should thoroughly discuss all the participants for future trips. If needed, rescue workers can also give your valuable advice or to instruct.

"Mountains do not like to joke, because our request - to adhere to basic safety rules, to critically assess their physical abilities and effort necessary to achieve the goal" - emphasizes Basil Lihatsky.

Yaremchanski search and rescue point engage in prospecting in other parts of the region. During 2008, the rescuers carried out 22 visits to the mountains, as a result of which we found 75 individuals, 35 persons received medical assistance.
Addresses and phone numbers of emergency services:

Mountain search and rescue point Yaremche, address: st .. Liberty 219 (inside the firehouse), tel.8 (03434) February 29, 1946, 22 February 2001.

Lihatsky Vasily +38067 8372819
Trigubyak Taras P. +38097 4058069

Mountain search and rescue point smt. Vorokhta, address: vul.Galitskogo, 41
Michael Savchuk, tel. (03434) 04/11/1949, 4-13-97.

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