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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » New Year in the Crimea or for those who like contrasts
New Year in the Crimea or for those who like contrasts

New Year in the Crimea or for those who like contrasts

Most fans of winter recreation in Ukraine prefer mainly Carpathian resorts. So this time, the new 2011. Someone coming to the Hotel: Vorohty. And someone went to Lviv and Kyiv.

But there are such representatives and tourists who like to celebrate the new year in the Crimea.


Probably you ask what you can do at sea during the cold season? Wet and promozhlo ... No fun.

But do not tell ....

First, prices. In winter, room rates at hotels in Crimea is very low. And hence the cost of the Christmas program that will be sure to arrange hotels in Crimea. A holiday, believe me, is not worse navorochennoy meeting of the new year in Bukovele.

Second, the benefits to the body. Marine air is always good for health, especially if a little up the mountain forest and breathe in winter fragrance.

Thirdly, a wonderful climate layout Crimea. Imagine: PSC - temperature above zero (so warm that some tourists even dare to swim in the sea), which allows easy stroll along the promenade in one sip coffee and koftyni directly on the open porch and in the mountains - on Ai-Petri, subzero temperature , snow, and at an altitude of 1300 meters is just a dozen ski slopes equipped with lifts. Imagine how nice combine, Uncombined - warm sea air, rich aromas of herbs and flowers, and icy mountain. This is possible only in the Crimea. It should be noted that the Ai-Petri has long set attendant infrastructure. Here you will provide a huge choice of entertainment. Starting from the mountain trails and ski trips, ending different trips on snowmobiles. A course for beginners we recommend to hire a professional instructor. You can climb the mountain by cable car.

Fourth, the weather. Southern coast of Crimea hidden from cold winds by mountains and the sea very lingers long summer heat. Therefore came here to live and reinstate the famous personality, despite the rigorous season.

New Year in the Crimea (especially in leading the South Coast resorts - Alushta, Yalta and Alupke) planned very colorful. Spectacular fireworks, concerts of the leading bands, shows New Year's Eve. Is not that wonderful?

By the way, winter in the Crimea all tours are much cheaper than in summer. So enjoy the situation ...

We recommend to use the services of hotels of Yalta and Alupki closest to Ai-Petri resorts.

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