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Legends are in a stone

Legends are in a stone

   on Kosivschini an object interesting for pedestrian tourism is a rock the Written Stone. Trip to him from Ivano-Francovsk and back will occupy a day. A hike does not require the special preparations and equipments. And the participants of one-day sally can be and adults, and to put. A magazine offers the detailed description of route.

There are a few reasons to choose among many other spring trips exactly this - on the Written Stone. For a trip necessary all one day. A route is accessible both for children and for tourists in worthy age. A road lies the mainly populated mestome, there are expressive orientiri, therefore danger to stray - wretched. During a hike a kind is opened on very different Carpathians: on the soft wave Покутсько-буковинські spines, on strimchaki of Chernogori, on the domes of Chivchinskikh and Grinyavskikh of mountains.

A deserving purpose of trip is an unusual rock, mysterious place.

That, going? Go along with a minimum load. Remembering about the capricious weather of Carpathians, and too already in spring, take the change of shoe, raincoats, head-dresses. Appropriate will be perekuska, thermos with coffee. Special equipment it is not needed. The written Stone is a very simple rock, alpinists talk. That to be scratched out on it, it is enough to be minimum trained and well put on shoes. In a pocket on everything about everything it is needed to have 50 hryvnyas (calculating on a nose).

From a start to the purpose

 <javascript  point of hike - Bukoveckiy mountain pass. Ride from Ivano-Francovsk at eight o'clock of morning by the first bus «Ivano-Francovsk is Verkhovina» through Kosiv. Prepare to the chetirigodinnoy autotrip with the half-hourly stoppings at Kolomii and Kosovi (in good society time flies). After Kosova a road is quite broken...

Go out on stopping at the village of Bukivec'. Orientir is a large table with the name of village, on a hill above it - cerkovcya with a sign entrance, done as a verandah on a high stair. Pass a highway to the dirt road. It conducts to the left from a motorway. Written Stone - there. For four kilometres from us, it is a hour by a frisky step.

...Go out on a fork: a road is divided by two parts. One sharply turns to the right and goes swiftly up. Other, that conducts to the left, does not almost change a height. It is possible to go one, et al. But for those, who here in the first time, the best to take on the right. Road in a counter-clockwise side - more long on a kilometre, practically not protected the forest (it is possible to burn a person in the sunshine), goes through prisilok of Cheretiv. To Written Stone it destroys from below and it a bit does for the general impression.

We turn to the right, to go out on a spine to the mountain of Kapilash (1165 meters). A road abuts against obiystya, but we mount nowhere. With permission owners, pass between a house and stodoloy. See before itself getting up, overcome him and already stand on a spine (this comb does not have the own name, local inhabitants talk on him a «spine to the Written Stone»).

An expressive path goes a spine, traversue top of Kapilasha and calls at the forest. Getting up and lowering is so declivous, that not knowing about the top of mountain, by him it is possible to pass and not notice. Cross a small forest array and again appear on the stretch of open country. A path farther conducts upwards a spine, once again submerges in the forest and between trees turns to the right. We in place. Here he is the Written Stone.

Autographs and petroglifi

   we go out the forest simply on the back to this beast. To describe a panorama which is opened from here, it is needed it would be to reserve a few magazine pages yet. But it is better to see, than read. Will say only, that review from left to right such: on a southeast are Bukovina Carpathians (Kosovski of mountain on a north-east cover fir-trees), yet more Sonth - Chernogora, on a south-west is a lea of Chivchina, westward - Grinyava.

...Long before that, how here began to abandon the autographs of Serezhi from Kyiv and Vasi from Lvov, on a rock enigmatic signs were intagliated - riznoramenni crosses, circles, rhombuses, schematic figurines of people. Them well evidently in the slanting rays of a sun - at dawn, or when it sits down. In other daypart signs are lost between standard modern inscriptions.

...About what tried to tell descendants the most ancient inhabitants of mountains - now unknown nobody.

But it is possible to know, that wanted us to say the classics of Ukrainian literature. Read expressive «Oh Kobilyanska 1899», a bit higher, almost rubbed out «In Stefanik 1899». Somewhere alongside there must was be a signature of Osipa Makoveya...

Other road home

...Decide to return other road, that it was more interestingly - by the mountain of Maksimec' (981 meters).

From the steep side of the Written Stone find a path which conducts to the right and downward. We reach by it to the cottage of vivchara Jurassic...

Sacred grave (legend)

Once, can then, as the primitive climbed water, and Carpathians barely only began to grow, whether from earth, whether giants - yasnovolosi blue-eyed titans went out from water. They grew allegedly together with mountains, forces took - and soon family that became numeral and mighty.

Once in spring their fugleman began to the play on trembiti - collected all of brothers it and said them a word is important. They set after that to prepare to the distant wandering: ore of shu   a weapon was forged, ships had built. And started to subordinate distant edges and countries.

Giants went for a walk by seas and banks: obtained reigns and most beautiful women, mortgaged the states and wrote with laws battle-axes on stone and on rocks. It was not them even neither in sichakh on the field of battle, neither in conversations nor in love. In the end, they began to govern everywhere. Were rulers wise, just. Built cities and roads, collected treasures and knowledges. And although began to talk different languages, most ancient edge it was not forgotten. They had in Verkhovini secretly above itself one king-soothsayer which from the celestial world heard voices, ordered and passed all of giants.

Somehow in spring again heard titans distant appeal of trembiti. They left the palaces and going in Carpathians. A large possessor said goodbye with life and with brothers. In extreme moments bequeathed them in the battles of chairmen not to chop, not spill human blood. And to keep the secret of the origin.

The giants of dying king took away on a mountain, coffin of him stone nearer to sky put (this brila, obviously, and is the Written Stone). By axes cut down by it on it oberegi. To it put local old men guards. And divided to govern the world.

Talk, that to this day somewhere in Chernogori a grey дідо-велетень sits in a deep cave and vichitue from the book of praviku that which was and that will be farther. A prophet reads and expects, while motion will confide in someone in a that place, that the chosen one came and changed his circle of work.

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