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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 10 » In Yaremche exhibited collection missionary priest
In Yaremche exhibited collection missionary priest

In Yaremche exhibited collection missionary priest

Ivano-Frankivsk - Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathians Yaremche Ivano-Frankivsk exhibition on display icons, art paintings and sculptures from the collection of the priest and missionary Svyschuka Jaroslav (1921-2005). It is reported with reference to UNIAN Kolomyja-Chernivtsi diocese Church.

In February yaremchantsi and visitors have the opportunity to see the icons, portraits, canvas scene of such famous artists of the Ukrainian Diaspora, as Peter Andrusiv, Omelyana Mazuryk Hnizdovskyy Jacob, Michael Dmitrenko, Nicholas poor and others.

J. Svyschuk priest born in the village green Nadvirna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. He studied at the Lviv Theological Academy and the Catholic University in Washington.

For a long time served as deputy pastor of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Chicago. As a missionary father visited twenty-three countries. In 1993, a visiting lecturer in Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk theologically-Catechetical Institute. Thanks to the Rev. Yaroslav with. Dora Yaremche built convent of the Sisters of St. Vikentiya, the Church of St. Peter and Paul Monastery of St. Andrew. He is the author of On the Edge seventh decade, "In the spirit of the great metropolitan", "Stork, go home", "Go and make disciples of all nations."

In 1994, Father Yaroslav transported from the USA to Ukraine a large collection of fine and applied arts, which gathered during his spodvyzhnytskoho life in exile and now with this collection could see everyone.

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