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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 18 » In a warm and cozy: choose sleeping bags
In a warm and cozy: choose sleeping bags

In a warm and cozy: choose sleeping bags

In our traditional heading "equipment" material that will help you choose the right sleeping bag, and then properly use it. This specialist teaches the optimal amount of information that is useful for hiking in the Carpathian tourist.

Types of different criteria

The Ukrainian market for sleeping bags cost can be divided as follows. Domestic - cheapest (Kommandor, Elite Sports, Travel-Extreme). Foreign production - average cost (Hannah, Sportland, Pinguin (Slovakia), Campus, Malahowski (Poland), Northland (Germany)) and high prices (Bask (Russia), Lafuma (France), The North Face, Marmot (USA) Mammut (Switzerland)).

Its shape can be divided into sleeping blankets, cocoon and "legs". Blankets or envelopes - first model sleeping bags, they are simple and cheap. It's a rectangle, folded twice and zaschepnutyy continuous lightning. Convenient to fully decompose and can serve as a blanket. Suitable for use in moderate weather conditions.

Cocoon (mummy) - later models. Cut follows the contours of the human body with narrowing in the foot. Castle in the legs do not come to an end, so here it is better kept warm. Some sleeping bags have an extension in the knees, which significantly increases the comfort of use. Insulation - mostly from the substitutes down or himself.

"Foot" - is not even sleeping bags and ... Well, imagine sleeping on which cut the top third, and a hood that is sixty centimeters. Sleep it proved nakryvayuchys jacket or down-wears. But - a significant savings in weight and volume.

In sleeping bags using various insulation. Yes, sintepon - team name of various synthetic materials, evolutionary intermediate between artificial substitutes for wool and down. From a rather unassuming, relatively quickly dries when wet and does not lose most teplozberihayuchyh properties ...

Pooh - the best natural insulation. Temperature to -50 ° C. However, it is expensive and demanding. Quickly absorbs moisture, requires timely drying. Currently, none of the synthetic materials can not reduce in volume so as fluff. But, so that he finally zbyvavsya not lose their properties to compose with a pen. The best ratio of down and feather in a sleeping bag is 90 to 10 or 95 to 5 per cent respectively ...

Down alternative - a diverse group of polymer insulation. Leader in this niche is the company DuPont, which offers Heat Hollofil, Quallofil i Thermolite. The firm represents 3M insulation Thinsulate, producer Albany Int. - PrimaLoft, and Invista - PolarGuard 3D. The rest of heaters, such as Microloft, Quadroloft, Dura Loft, Aerofibre, Thermo-6, Izotherm, Hollowfiber, Fibertec so revision is less well known companies.

The main difference between sleeping with substitutes down a practical use, along with high thermal capacity, which approximates to the natural insulation. Unlike down, synthetic substitutes quickly dried up, warm even wet, perfectionists are less used and virtually zbyvayutsya. Temperature teplozberezhennya - to -40 ° C. Unfortunately, all materials puhozaminni lose weight and volume to a natural rest in peace ...

Choose bags

When choosing a sleeping bag should first determine the conditions under which it is used. For summer trips suitable cooler, smaller and lighter model for off-season and winter campaigns, respectively, warmer, though ob'yemnishi and heavier. Those who go hiking year-round, the best to have two types of bags: colder from +5 ° to +25 ° C and warmer from +10 ° to -35 ° C - and the winter season.

One of the most important characteristics of the sleeping temperature is used. Often enough data about the comfort and extreme regimes, such as «-10 °...+ 15 ° C". Sometimes an intermediate point (for the above range, say 0 ° C). Quick profile indicates the temperature at which you can sleep in underwear, the interim - in pants and sweaters, and indicates the extreme end mode, ie sojourn night you can, but maybe not sleep ...

Shell bags mainly made from nylon fibers using various pletennya, such as net «rip-stop», different density fabrics with polyurethane finish (for better water resistance) or without it. The higher the density, the stronger, but heavier and ob'yemnishyy product. Internal fabric of inexpensive products made from less dense nylon.

... Choice to start from a known manufacturer. Well-known name - this is not always the highest price, but probably better quality, wider network of sales and service support and guarantee the use of appropriate materials and headsets.

It should take into account the size of your possible lack of growth: most bags are made with a stock, for example, 185-200 cm. In short these "pipes" may be too high, and this - the extra volume, weight and less heat retention.

Another criterion for choosing a sleeping bag weight. Recent articles holodostiykosti range from 0 to +15 ° C must not weigh more than a kilo, and winter from 10 to -35 ° C - two. May meet on the 900 model, and even 800 grams, but remember that some manufacturers tend to understate or weight, or save the quality for the benefit of weight (weaker strings, accessories) ...

Manufacturers often served to compare the density of heaters in the form of scales in space and the number of such layers. Synthetic cold enough for one layer and density of 100-150 g/m2, for heat - two or three layers of density of 200-400 g/m2. Down to apply individual characteristics in the form of revolving elasticity FillPower (FP). 900 FP means that ounce of down can fill the space up to 900 cubic inches. The more - the better, and therefore warmer ...

Operation and maintenance

Shipping. Sleeping bags should be especially carefully protected against contact with water as soon as possible prosushuvaty. It is recommended to wear in the water-tight cover (preferably with prokleyenymy seams and sealed the entrance).

Laundry. Wash bags should be as rare. To start, you should carefully examine the label warning about washing and strictly adhere to them. If no labels and find out from nowhere, should follow the general rule (an exception - down): hand washing, water temperature +40 ° C, drying in the air in rozpravlenomu form. Downy sleeping bags manufacturers insist on using special cleaning products.

Operation. Bed in a sleeping bag includes dressing in dry clothes. Sleeping bags, distributed to overnight in an open tent to leave should not be - dew zvolozhyt them quickly. Do not recommend sleeping in the road clothes - eventually sleeping gather scents.
Sleeping with the down and his replacements are not up for, and chaotic zapyhayte to cover (as opposed to flat synteponovyh). It is easier and it prevents aeration heater.
Houses do not store a sleeping bag in bodily - and become caked insulation loses its properties.


Most modern sleeping bags are provided for compression. In the absence of a bag, it can always be purchased separately. Bags-tab cotton or other materials increase its insulating properties. In addition, easier clean-liner, but not all sleeping.


Summer light variations in domestic production will cost the equivalent of 20-30 dollars, the same import - 30-40 dollars, winter, synthetic and natural zavazhat at 45-50 dollars per family, 60-70 - for import. Sleeping on a series of extreme low temperatures to -30 ° C zavazhat $ 100 (import) to -50 ° C - 200 dollars or more, the same products the most famous producers - 400-500 dollars.

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