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But are all these parents can be assured that when deciding to lead the children in the mountains? What you need to know note pryluchayuchy young to mountaineering? And what about this little think most tourists? This is why we spoke to experienced tourists, parents and their already consecrated in the Carpathian attacks, guys.

The first was a correspondent colleague journalist Vladimir Ivanchuk, which his son Timothy is in the mountains of 3.5 years. They started with small trips and short routes. Initially they were traveling in a radial direction (one-day route returning to base - Author.). Sometimes, Timothy had to overcome difficulties and "to chchotyroh. Of course, stomlyuvavsya, but break, again like in the mountains. Now boy 8 years, and recently he was in 4-day journey through the spine Jawornik. Sam carried a backpack and difficult moments of transition even tried to support others.

Vladimir Ivanchuk said that goes with his son in the mountains for new experiences to broaden his understanding of aesthetics and beauty of nature, teach teamwork, responsibility and experience, of course, in order to steel, reinforce the child.
It is very important, according to Vladimir, the son is not aware of that comes self-esteem ( "In five years I was Goverle!" - The guy says proudly). In worldly situations need guidance and experience on the ground. By the way, Ivanchuk, they said, to wander repeatedly met with groups of tourists, which also had children. And they went along with adults.

Timothy in our interviews was silent. However, assured that goes into the mountains with a good mood. Backpack it seems difficult only at the beginning of the road, and then he is no longer felt. ° sty in the mountains like "Carpathian zupu" (soup for Food + mushrooms + potatoes). I like watching him on fire and walk the mountains with his mother Veronica. Authoritatively points out that it is impossible to get lost in the Carpathians, where is a reliable guide.

Oleg Syernyy - pediatrician, anesthetist State Regional Clinical Hospital, a tourist from long experience, goes the Carpathians with two children - Ira and Anatolia. Pryluchyv to their campaigns when they celebrated 10 years. Most often takes on a son.
The aim was to separate the father of the boy from the TV, to broaden horizons, improve by psychoemotional experiences and physical activities close to nature. According to Mr. Oleg in the mountains is closer communication father and son, they know each other better. Now Anatoly for 16 years, and it was during this period is important for men (mostly) community around the fire, which discusses any questions or concerns. The teenager is the listener, viewer and, of course, a member of what is happening. And this Syernyy Oleg sees an important element of education.

When pediatrician, he believes that the child can take to the mountains when it is ready for some physical activity. Should begin with short trips and gradually transitions to go from one day to multiple tracks.

Filling the child shall be required individual, properly chosen not to young tourists felt uncomfortable, because it can cause and the protest immediately.
Mr. Sergey stresses and selection of food - always fresh. No doubt, you should use a "local resource": herbs, berries, milk, brynza, cheese (which, if friends with hutsuly). And very appropriate to have always a delicacy in backpack for a child to encourage her to be useful or necessary. In his opinion, the best time to start is age six or seven years. Observed Syernoho doctor, and other interlocutors, in the mountains zastudzhuyutsya little children, though it happens that zmoknut the rain, but it is also swimming in cold mountain lakes and waterfalls. And Mr. Syernyy notes: Any trip to the Carpathian Mountains - is not Parks. Extreme is always present. Therefore, adults need to educate children in the mountains, not words, and his own example.

Anatoly Syernyy - student, said that sometimes there is no mood or too tired, and then no mountains that you do not want to go. But yields father - goes into the new campaign, and has never regretted. A tourist began his epic climb to Goverlu. Climb was difficult, but still liked it. Especially good in the Carpathians, Anatolia said, when good weather and the transition is not very tiring. According to his observation, women in turpohody not inferior to men.

The very young are always ready to talk with the worldly-wise tourists to gain new knowledge and skills. But the peg or ignite a fire, he already knows how good. Also important is to Anatolia acquiring the skills of a leader guide. This is part physical development, learning environment, the ability to find a way out of difficult situation in comparison with which the "asphalt" problem given detail.

John Shustykevych - musician, mountain walks over thirty years. To their friends and their children developed lightweight alternatives routes. He calls them children. And with his son Oles down on crowns, when the boy was three and a half years. Son away from home, to "relieve" his wife, who while still smaller bavyla Andreyko. He has children in the Carpathian Mountains to the boys were athletic, strong, hardy. And it turned out that his children walk hills so that they are difficult to catch.

However, first the guys went without backpacks, and his father constructed specifically for these equipment. The first sewing bags of children's blankets. Kytays who "trick" is not sure, but reliable (though heavy) sheets palattsi in which you live.
To halt, while dad cooking food, Ole Andrei ran through the forest, hepaly dryuchkamy trees, with a catapult to shoot tin, bathed in the stream. Of course, it was good if the children helped to collect firewood or bring water, but the father did not insist on this. He gave the children complete freedom, but have not heard complaints from them, and whenever called to the mountains, they went with pleasure.

Oles Small said that in most campaigns it like eat and sleep. John Shustykevych advises children to the mountains that they experiences and this "piece of reality.

I finally thought of a person who walks alone into the mountains and a pediatrician. Oles shoemaker believes that a child can engage in walking, excursions, trekking from 3 years old when she is well able to walk and talk. But the mode of journey to be recreation. In such campaigns implemented cognitive aim: young tourist world knows by touch and visually, learning to love nature, communicates with parents and other people.

If the child is healthy, no special medical examinations are not required, but if parents have any doubts, you should contact the pediatrician. Ideally - if a group of tourists with children, the doctor attended a well equipped first aid kit in case of increase in temperature or food poisoning. But that did not happen, the small tourist should feed according to age - he posmakuyut cereals, fruits and vegetables. Outfit must also be appropriate, but special attention should be paid to the comfort shoe.

Oles shoemakers stresses that the worst in the mountains - get lost, and also with children ... Principal in any campaign - a good guide for the mountain will not tolerate unreasonable self-confidence.

These are just some thoughts about children's mountain tourism. We further call on the pages of our ongoing series. We will be glad to hear the opinion of not only adults but also young tourists.

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