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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 9 » Greenjolly - from laughter to victory!
Greenjolly - from laughter to victory!

Greenjolly - from laughter to victory!

It would seem that can compete with the rapid skiing or snowboarding, and as confidently challenge the snow-covered slopes? Festival Greenjolly ", held 22 February 24ho recreation base" Zahar Berkut "magazine tour operator partner Karpaty. Tourism. Rest "has proved that the simple mountain sledges are good alternative rozpopulyaryzovanym ski types of entertainment.

Fun on Greenjolly much more accessible than rent skis or a snowboard (not to mention motorized vehicles) primarily because the penalties for riding not need any special equipment - enough warm clothing. In addition, to climb the hill from which you want to go down, not necessarily use the lift ...

After registration, the first group competition was held parallel running "on flight". Participants coming down in pairs, and those who crossed the finish line first, he got to the next stage of the competition. Welcome to the best result and great prizes absolute winner finals - Basil Nasadyka the city Gorodenka IvanoFrankivsk region.

Next race predicted maneuvering between obstacles. In single master slalom races decided on Greenjolly. First place was won from the village of Hope Bilynets Volosyanka Slavskogo Lviv district received for the courage and skill to penalties desyatymisyachnu selection of magazines and subscribe to our publication.

"Double medalist" Greenjolly from the city of Lviv By Hrytsyk overcome opponents in two competitions - "Hero" (condition of victory: an early rise in penalties to the point of launch and first down to the finish) and "Marathon" (common descent: one race determines the winners).

The organizers thank the participants of the competition with their sincere smiles and enthusiasm, and recreation base "Zahar Berkut" for assistance in conducting the festival.

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