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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 29 » From light to light
From light to light

From light to light

According to the criterion "nepopsovosti" creative team of the magazine "Carpathians" (together with speleologists), elected for removing small, but interesting in its own cave of the Dniester by the Ivano-Frankivsk. In an underground of extreme weather added its - in March of this year probably long be remembered for many tourists Carpathians, and not only them. But that bad weather could prevent interesting to spend the weekend?
The Dniester

We were nineteen. This team has long dreamed of has finally come together and together polazyty caves. Spelunker from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kharkiv. One this occasion, even with hot prymchav Africa. Been there and experienced, and those who had come down under the ground first. Most - young guys, and with them a few more student and strong, but not young men. One of the most active campaign on a high optimistic note immediately warned that not all return home, and it only added the team mood.
Ordered in advance Bogdan and a half hours doviz us to farm idea, which is located two miles from the village Odayiv in Ivano-Frankivsk. Next - twenty minutes walk to the Dniester in the tract Dumchyna Valley. ... To get the high bank of the Dniester - that there are objects that interest us - we need to go down into the valley and climb the low hill. If rigidly set foot on the slope, the earth responds deaf Void - undiscovered underground voids in this area for many ...

Grotto also visited the monk - "room, with walls painted by tourists, where the former long-lived hermit. Probably summer here opens a very good view of the Dniester, and you can meditate for hours, but the spring is not so comfortable. Next to the grotto, right on the slope is the cave in which lived UPA fighters. By tradition, the NKVD accused spetszahin above partisan grenades, rozhoyduyuchy "lymonky" on the ropes, otherwise vtsilyty crack them was impossible.
Below are a kind of pagan heathen temple, similar to the dug-out in the rock face - mouth wide open and big empty eyes ...

In rozporah

... Dress overalls, helmets, hats, lamps (headlights speleologists call them). Our goal - vertical cave. Another group meets in the home. Titles caves conventional enough - not such a vertical one, and not as comfortable in the second. To warm up tho visit, which began at the camp. In this cave you can just walk (about 100 meters, nearly horizontal motions). On the walls we can see some bats that are in the hole. Pictures were very carefully. If his bat sensors wake up and feel the heat, it can die, because to this spring is far away.

Then - again through the valley slope at the Dniester canyon. Fancy to a large tree and insurance spuskayemos alternately in vertical cave. It has two exits and a few hundred meters of various laziv: small rooms, narrow horizontal slit, vertical precipices. Because in our group are beginners and there is the necessary equipment, pass only "small circle".
First down experienced Andrei Fedorov. We go left, right, pryhynayemos passing by. Laz is so narrow that nemalenkomu adult males sometimes have become stale, to climb further. There is a strange feeling when you do not have enough height to tighten a little under a foot and push off, or when "hinder" their own shoulders. By the way, this cave is a hole, cleverly named "course Chinese Communist Party" - in one section it turns sharply left. To push there, you need only crawl on the right side, because then your back will not allow vyhnutysya yoke.

In speleologists are some unwritten rules. For example: "Do not phay head to where the body does not get through. Or: "If you get stuck - not rypaysya, wait until shudnesh. In every joke there is truth to ...
After a narrow Lazo suddenly discovers that sit on the stone, and beneath you - pivmetrova cleft between two vertical walls. Height - six meters. Walls is not something to completely smooth, but put the foot or hand can not catch. Takes place "on rozporah. It's simple: vpyrayeshsya in the wall back or elbows, hands-perehoplyuyeshsya feet and slid off down a worm ...

Under the snow

Evening - a full touring set. Guitar, dinner, a variety of tales, all and all this is accompanied by continuous snowfall. Nearly every now and then something looking for instantly hiding things under the snow. Then speleologists long arranged for the night - preparing for the cold nights. ... Morning, some tents had vidkopuvaty.
After breakfast the two teams swapped routes: Cozy-vertical.
You can say that history repeated Cozy: narrow hole ending is not very high cliff, after which the team found itself in the so-called Hall of Poltava speleologists. Here, once found a skull and bones, which appeared over five thousand years. Left in the speech goes big vertical crack. If a stone throw there, he knocks on the long wall, cease till somewhere deep below.

... Bus to our farm Thought not get (through snowfall road became impassable) - only to Odayeva where we had to walk. But that speleologist two miles of fresh snow? Back riding fun and agreed that the next meeting will take place in a cave Ternopil "giants": Mlynka, Lake, and perhaps to optimistic. A small "wells" on the Dniester, where we lazyly this time - a favorite place of training participants speleoklubov Ivano-Frankivsk. He, incidentally, finally rising (its existence was terminated several years ago). There are young speleologists are "veterans", which also still lacks nothing, is an interesting case that has the full right to life.

P.S. And indeed, why they climb underground wells in black and narrow gaps, descending further and further? Is it so interesting that one of the basic human instincts - self-preservation - recedes before the opening of thirst? One of our speleologists, told how he "prosochyvshys" a very small hole, suddenly got in a huge room with several branches in different directions from the center. This was feeling! He "ran" new moves, he sang some still unknown, but obviously foppish song without words and never heard a crack as his companion anxiously calling. "In fact, to me there was nobody! But I still could - dopovz, got ... Return? If doliz already here, then I can return. I am not alone. And to get the light much easier.

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