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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 30 » Carpathian rivers - the road of water tourism
Carpathian rivers - the road of water tourism

Carpathian rivers - the road of water tourism

Carpathians - one of the few places in Ukraine, where tourists can make an alloy tubular rivers. And if ten years ago Vodniki overcome the flow of "retrovyh" catamaran with wooden oars, now every time they buy better equipment. The number of such tourists is increasing year by year in geometric progression. In the spring of Carpathian rivers often have tens of thousands. Orhanizovuyuchys alone or in teams under the tutelage of travel agencies, they are in season from early April to late May are more or less difficult water route. And most of them at the workshop "crosscountry" kayaks get their dose of adrenaline and autumn.

Kayak, raft, catamaran
Depending on the nature of the river, tourists water rafting for the elect on it one time or another FLOATING EQUIPMENT. However, depending on his "character" (or, rather, training, trick), a tourist chooses and follows the river rafting on it. So, first of splavzasoby, then - on the river and the Carpathian Mountains of what they should expect from travelers.
In water sports, there are two most common means of alloy, which essentially opposite one another: kayaks and rafts. Kayak - a small single canoe, made usually with a strong polyethylene that can withstand the stress and impacts on the rocks. Despite all their alleged "weakness" in the skillful management of kayaks are extremely effective tool alloy, which surrendered the most difficult rivers of the world, is not overcome in any other splavzasobi ...
Raft in the literal translation from English means "raft". It is specially reinforced inflatable boat with round sides, suitable for rafting turbulent waters. Its main purpose - commercial mixture of tourists, so rafts are usually quite large ... Anyway, Raft - floating command tool, not a lone gun-professionals as kayaks.

... Catamaran consists of two inflatable cylinders, interconnected by a strong metal frame. This design is somewhat a compromise between maneuverability, kayaking and cross-resistant rafts. Catamarans are intended for binary alloy, ie hrebtsiv number on each container must be equal. Most popular options - "Deuce" and "Four". In commercial alloys are also used such that up to six and eight people ...
Overview of the Carpathian rivers
The rivers that flow in the Carpathians, the easiest way to divide by geographic location: River Prykarpattya, River District Svidovetskogo and Montenegrin mountain ranges, rivers north of Ivano-Frankivsk region and south-western Lviv, Transcarpathian rivers.
The main feature of the river slope is that the travel environment is measured in meters per kilometer (ie, this value indicates how many meters the flow decreases on the interval of one kilometer). Gradient affects the speed of the river, and thus its complexity for the alloy.

Carpathian River, which mainly belong to the Dniester River basin, distinguished moderate slope and average velocity. These include Stry bottom Cheremosha and Prut, and Solotvynska Bystrica Bystrica Nadvornyanskaya.
The most interesting for the alloy and is known among tourists River District Svidovetskogo and Montenegrin ranges. This flow Prut, Black Cheremosh Cheremosh White, Black Tisza - a povnovodni spring, with a large gradient and speed. And this is what is of interest to extreme ...

Black Cheremosh
... Longer Black Cheremosha runs Vekhovynskyi district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. To the river from the city, you can get two hours driving way Ivano-Frankivsk - Nadvornaya - Yaremcha - Vorokhta - Uelzen village - a village Krasniqi.
His "popular" Black Cheremosh owes to several factors. Firstly, the river is fed by snow from the Montenegrin spurs spine - the highest mountain ridge of Ukraine. This causes greater than in other rivers of the Carpathians, the spring (even summer) water level and a longer period of flooding. The average high water level at Cheremosh kept from early April until mid-late May. But during the summer low-water rafting Cheremosh in principle possible. Secondly, the river very easily accrue road, but along the same bed is a good gravel or paved roads. Oh, and thirdly - Valley Cheremosha not too densely populated, has many free lawns on the banks, allowing convenient place camp.
The key, the most interesting and complex area of the river - between the villages of Green and Krasnik. These ten kilometers away are the main, most complex and famous rapids of the Black Cheremosha: Dzembronia, White Horse, Huchok, Guk. Here the river is almost continuously pinytsya and flowing with great speed ...
By Black Cheremosh during high-water mixture can be made at any of the listed splavzasobiv, and each option will be elected in their own interest. ... Tourists on catamaran or raft will avoid dangerous prytyskiv1, where the river with all the force of throwing stones at the high splavzasib, maneuver, trying to get to the "gate" formed by surface and underwater stones ...
Floating the river in low water possible, likely, only kayaks ...

Prut, probably second in popularity among tourists water Carpathian river. In conditions of high water this river is sometimes very difficult and its successful passage does honor to anyone. That's just a pity that the water level in the Prut very skittish and unpredictable.

... Interesting for alloy in a medium or high water area of the river from Vorohty to Yaremche, approximately 30 kilometers. Here there are different thresholds of average complexity, among which you can identify the three-end Vorohty, Vodospadnyy Mykulychyn near the village, between the oblique Mikulichine and Kalush. But the most difficult place of the river - Yaremchanskiy canyon nearly two miles long, beginning in Yaremche circle Attractions "Huzulschyna" on the right side and ends in a 200-300 m behind the waterfall near the Prut river road bridge over the River. Canyon makes almost non-stop, with short intervals, quite difficult to overcome the rapids, including Carpathian, clip Dovbusha and, of course, the waterfall itself. It should be noted that the low-water rafting down the canyon through hard ground and the high - very dangerous. A passage from the waterfall should refrain from any water level.

... Yaremchanskiy canyon of high water is a place difficult to kayakera. High rainfall, spit chaotic waves and barrels, the need for constant maneuvering require "vyklastys in all one hundred" in the fight against river. Rowers raft and catamarans somewhat easier, but they must be extremely careful and cautious. Particular attention is required when approaching a waterfall. As crews are literally 50 meters to approach the shore of the river to avoid the waterfall ...

Black Tisa
If you go to Yaremche Yablunitsky pass through towards Rahova soon stranded in the village of Yassin. This spurs on the spine Svidovetskogo flowing Black River Tisza. As Cheremosh spring, it almost always has a high water level. Rafting Tysi of high water, you can start from the village of Black Tisza.
The first tubular section of the river near the village of Black Tisa very long - about two miles, but contains three challenging rapids. Depending on water level, these thresholds can be overcome in the kayak and catamaran. Unfortunately, more splavzasoby here will not work. Thresholds require careful exploration, insurance and bank coordinated action of the whole team.

... Tisza River Canyon - the average level of complexity, convenience of multiple splavu2 because it passes directly over the highway. One of the Tisza River canyon rafting shortcomings are many man-made debris in the rivers of origin and on the banks. Tisza River canyon passage for all types of major splavzasobiv - kayak, raft, catamaran.
In Tysi difficult to find a bed. Valley, which runs the river, narrow, fairly densely populated, but pass along the roads and railways. Therefore, only a few questionable places of convenience, where you can break camp.

White Cheremosh
White Cheremosh can not avoid attention, talking about the Carpathians rivers. For the alloy should pick up the White River from the village Usteriky - where it merged with the Black River - and hence upriver ride dirt road, first level and then pass only for trucks. Sad is that the main obstacles White Cheremosha that determine its complexity, concentrated in the upper river, so avoid traveling on the truck can not. The lower part of the river is no interest for the alloy is not.
White Cheremosh more wild and picturesque than black. His main obstacles - Thresholds Gorby, pipe, wicket - more complex and interesting than the rapids of the Black Cheremosha. However, significant deficiencies in the river is that it is difficult to dovezty splavzasoby, and, again, unsustainable level of water in it. If the conditions of middle and high river water can be successfully overcome as a catamaran, and on the raft (and need to undergo substantial joint efforts of all crew), the low water makes it possible to pass only the kayak. Note that this river for kayaking quite complicated and can not be recommended for beginners.
1 Prytyska - where river currents to turn power presses splavzasib to coast.
2 multiple alloy provides that a tourist area is the river with rapids, the ship, transports splavzasib shore up the flow and splavlyayetsya same area of the river again.

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