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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » A pleasant corner of the Carpathians Yaremcha
A pleasant corner of the Carpathians Yaremcha

A pleasant corner of the Carpathians Yaremcha

About Town


The picturesque corner of Carpathian and the tourist center of Ivano-Frankivsk region, the center of "green" tourism of Ukraine is - Kalush. It has always attracted lovers and romantic, strong and courageous journey into new experiences and feelings, peace of mind and relaxation. Many miracles are not made with hands waiting for you in this unforgettable, beautiful corner of nature that continues to captivate and inspire for generations. Mountains - majestic, silent and strictly-prekrasni, waiting for their "intruder" and Yaremche will become a refuge of those who started the road in the world of Wonders Ukrainian Karpat.Tserkvy 17 and 18 centuries. Monument, Oleksa Dovbusha yaremchansky waterfall Restaurant Huzulschyna (built without nails), souvenir shops Gutsulschiny folk art - all this can be found only here in the heart of the Carpathians.

Yaren - the most famous climatic health resort and tourist center Carpathians, located at an altitude of 585 m above sea level. From all sides surrounded by mountains. Through the city flows the river Prut, which originates in fifty kilometers above the ridges of Chernogori. Yaren - lowland forest zone climate resort. Summer is warm and cloudy weather prevails. The average July temperature reaches + 18 C. Autumn is warm, often foggy. Winters are mild and snowy, the average temperature in January - 6 S.

One of the most interesting parts of Ukraine attracts to itself for its picturesque scenery, clean air, rivers and streams, springs, mountain peaks, unforgettable tourist routes and folk traditions.
Vegetation around the jugular very rich. Mountain pine, spruce, alder, beech, birch and other tree species infinity. Many berries and mushrooms. Rich Wildlife of Carpathians - wolves and bears, foxes, hares, martens, deer, roe deer, squirrels, wild boar (wild tourists do not take into account).

Long slopes in settlements close to the city has lifts, which causes a large flow of winter sports fans.

Transport connections: suburban and interregional railway, by the flight buses, minibuses, taxis car radio that lets you quickly get to almost anywhere in the Carpathians at your request.

The area of ​​the city, suburban towns, tourist destination covered by the mobile communication Kyivstar and UMS. Node in Yaremche and settlement. Vorokhta will link you to any corner of the world.

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