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Interesting facts of history and modernity in the region

Interesting facts of history and modernity in the region

• City Yaremche related to the name of the legendary folk hero Dovbusha Oleksy and his brothers Basil Bayuraka with Yamny Orfenyuka with Paul and Dora.

• In October 1908 in Tatarovskogo Viennese aristocracy hunted forests, and with them and arhyknyazivna Maria Teresa and the princes of Liechtenstein.

 • In 1893 in the village of Dora (the tract of white stone) found the treasure of bronze objects (boilers and sword), dating back to age 800 years BC
• August 25, 1896 created tourist club "Club Yaremchanskiy. Force Club markuvalysya paths for walks in the mountains, the waterfall made steps to "Break", the place for fishing. Club Yaremchanskiy "did everything to attract tourists and separate from the Dora Yaremche.
• In 1901 the Mikulichine opened the first Ukrainian hotel. Lviv company rented for the pastor, Fr. Thaddeus GALAYCHUK in a villa near the railway station. Villa has two floors, large rooms - accommodation facility and eight rooms.
• In 1905-1906 years in Yaremche rested for the 1500 season that brought the owners of villas and 200 thousand crowns annually.
• In 1912 Yaremche rested in 2400. This year, many magazines Galicia wrote about being in the future heir Yaremche Karl Franz Joseph of Habsburg, who later became the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles I (1916 - 1918).
• At the beginning of the First World War, many young men gathered yaremchansky on the station square opposite the hotel anise to enroll in the Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (USS). Farewell speech before the volunteers made a Ukrainian writer, educator Lepkyy Bogdan (1972 - 1941).
• In the years 1941-1942 Mykulychynske nadlisnychym was a man famous Ukrainian writer Irene Wilde E. Rasulov, who was shot by the Germans.
• By 2006, consumption in the city were two names - Yaremcha and Yaremche, the first of which appeared in the 20 years of the twentieth century. by Polish government officials, and then there were the Soviet. Yaremche original name was specified decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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