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Sdes we briefly list the available types of sports that will provide you with the majority of travel agencies: skiing and tobogganing, hiking and horse riding, climbing, canoeing and other sports.
All this is located in the picturesque Carpathian National Nature Park. Tourist groups and individuals are leaving for the mountains, always under the watchful supervision of "Control and Rescue Service", with its headquarters in Yaremche.
Organized groups can travel to the territory of the camping and holiday homes go hiking to the summit of the highest mountain in Ukraine - Goverle.
Experienced tour guides and group leader will help you take your time in the woods and mountains. Locals gladly ride your horses. Fans of quick drive will get adrenaline by high-speed ski slopes, cable cars, races on the "Buran" and motorcycles, held in Vorokhta and tourist complex Bukovel, which is located near the Yaremche.
For tourists running lots of cafes, bars and restaurants with an excellent set of dishes.
Surprise guests emergence of a new, highly original direction-"Recreation and beekeeping," where each if desired, may try to imagine all the charm of this wonderful and respected product and "get acquainted" with young truzhennikami so hard creating it.

In Yaremche successfully operate two equipped ski slopes. Each support bracket to a height of 300 meters. In podemnikov have a decent rental skis and sleds. For otogrevaniya and relaxation - warm room serving tea, Hot homemade wine buterbrodiki, changing rooms. Directions from the spring at the aviary, sanmi from the market or on foot in the tract BAGROVETS.

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