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Verkhovyna Yaremche

Verkhovyna Yaremche

Verkhovyna Yaremche (up to 1963 - A frog is a `) is located 150 km. from Ivano-Frankovsk and 31 km. from the railway station Rohatyn. The settlement is located in the mountain area east of the Carpathians Montenegrin spine. Its diverse natural landscape. Center is located at an altitude of 574 m above sea level. Rest in Verhovine Yaremche gives you a number of peaks and ridges, which in its complex creates a kind of local exoticism. These include mountain Garmash - 812 m, Mazurka - 1025 m, titmouse - 1186 m and the White Mare -1473 m above sea level, which are favorite places tourists visit. Garmash and Mazurka in summer-autumn period, many different kinds of mushrooms, titmouse and white mare - wild berries. In addition, mountain Sinitsa interesting, so called Dovbushevymy rocks. This monument is not only the nature and history associated with the legendary Alexei Dovbusha in pens which were peasants from frog `yeho. There are many legends about the shelter here Dovbusha Robin and their treasures. As for the diversity of mountain height and difficulty level of tourist routes, the Garmash - the lowest in altitude mountain climbing and route it the easiest. By Garmash height and complexity of the route goes Mazurka, tits, White Horse. This is very useful in organizing the hikes, choosing paths of lesser to greater complexity. For example, Verhoviny Yaremche to Burkutska sources Verkhovyna Yaren - Mountain Valley canyon, Werchowyna Yaren - First Aid / CPR, etc.. Verkhovyna Yaremche in late XIX - early XX century. was a recreation center for writers and researchers. There had been Franko and Kotsyubyns'kyi Leo and Olga Ukrainian Kobylyanskaya, English writer MM Dauyi - author of "Girl in the Carpathians".
On our site you can choose for themselves pensions, health, recreation, hotels, private sector not only in Verhovine Yaremche, but other cities the Carpathians. To facilitate recreation in Verhovine Yaremche website are direct phone numbers and addresses allocation.
If you are a fan of winter sports such as downhill skiing or snowboarding, the information on ski lifts look at Verhoviny Kalush. Periodically visit Verhoviny Yaremche replenished about ski infrastructure, average prices, photos and articles about Verhovine. If you have interesting information about her to send Verhovine vkarpatah@ukr.net and we are happy to publish your name showing. Let's create together an interesting site about recreation and entertainment in Ukraine.

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