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Rosh Hashanah and

Rosh Hashanah and

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and stresses in honor of the world, it symbolizes the new year beginning and end of the year that passes. There is a legend that in the days of Rosh Hashanah and God notes in the book of life that awaits fate in the coming year each of the men: "... who would live and who die, who waits alone, and who - wandering, who - well-being and Who - laceration who is poverty, and who - fortune. " Sincere belief in what God wishes all good and well-being, makes this day a holiday.

At that time Jews were ordered to examine its actions during the previous year and prepare for the year beginning. Thinking about the future, the Jews asked peace agreement, health. Sound shofara (ram's horn) Calls: "Wake up those slumber, who spends years released meaningless. Examine yourselves and your business do well."

And Rosh Hashanah is celebrated for two days, 1 and 2 the first day of the Jewish month of Tishri. This holiday is celebrated in Israel by all. On this day, give each other gifts, send greetings to those far away. Family gathers at the table, which adorn traditional festive dishes. Of course, anyone wants to years beginning was good for her, "sweet." That is why this day is on the table many dishes that symbolize the wishes of the "complete", happy year. Depending on local tradition, these meals can vary, but almost everywhere in Jewish families served:

    * Fish - a symbol of fertility;
    * Chairman (lamb or fish) - to be "in the head" and not the tail;
    * Carrot slices - form and color, it should resemble gold coins, wealth;
    * Halu round sweet with raisins - that year was full, healthy;
    * Vegetables and fruits - a sign of hope for abundant harvest;
    * Apples and honey - a slice of apple, dipped it in honey, eat a meal at the beginning immediately after haly, "that year was a sweet and happy."

In 2006, the year of Rosh Hashanah and celebrated on September 23-24.

In 2007, Rosh Hashanah and celebrated September 13-14.

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