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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Christian feast in the Orthodox Church is among the Blessed Mother dvonadesyatyh holidays, it begins with an annual range of religious holidays.

Blessed Virgin Mary was born at a time when people came to these limits moral decay in which their rebellion seemed impossible. The best minds of that era understood and often openly said that God must go into the world to fix the faith and to prevent destruction of the human race. Son of God wanted to save people accept human nature, and our Blessed Mother, the only decent fit in himself and implement source of purity and holiness, he chooses a Mother.

Nativity of the Blessed Lady Theotokos and Prisnodivy Mary Church celebrated as a day of world happiness. On this bright day, at the turn of the Old and New Testaments, was born Preblahoslovenna Virgin Mary, is called the age of divine mysteries of the incarnation of God to minister the Word - to become the Mother of the Saviour of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Believing people across the earth worthy of praise worship songs and one that rozsiyala bezblahodatnosti darkness in the world and brought salvation to mankind from eternal death.

According to church tradition, which is based on apocryphal ancient Protoevangelion Jacob Blessed Virgin Mary was born in the small town of Nazareth of Galilee, which was in znevazi Jews (John 1:46). Her parents were both righteous Joachim, Iudynoho knees, of the Prophet and King David and Anna - Bishops family, the tribe of Levi, from the house pervoosvyaschenyka Aaron. Husband and wife were childless because the Holy Hannah was barren. Having reached old age, Joachim and Anna did not lose hope on the mercy of God, firmly believing that God everything is possible, and he can rescue Anna from infertility, even in her old age. Saints Joachim and Anna vow to devote to God to serve in the temple of the child that the Lord will send them. Childlessness was considered in the Jewish people God's punishment for sin, so holy and righteous Joachim and Anna suffered unjust vilification of his compatriots. In one of the holidays aged man Joachim brought in a Jerusalem temple sacrifice as a gift to God, but the high priest would take her by naming Joachim unworthy because of his childlessness. St. Joachim in the highest mountain in the desert and went there with tears prayed the Lord to grant the child. Saint Anna, having learned what happened in the Jerusalem temple, wept bitterly, but not to murmur against the Lord and prayed, calling on his family God's mercy. Lord fulfilled their request, when the holy man and the woman reached the elderly and prepare themselves virtuous life to a high rank - be the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the future Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Archangel Gabriel and Anna Ioakymu brought good news: God heard their prayers, and their daughter Mary born Preblahoslovenna by which salvation is given to the world.

Finally, in their old age God Joachim and Anna obraduvav preblahoslovennoyi birth of Mary. Name of Mary in the translation from Hebrew means "high", "surpassing" (see also the name of Mary at day of birth). Blessed Virgin Mary in his purity and virtue not only surpassed all men, but the Angels, appeared a living temple of God, and as the Church sings in holiday stringed instruments, "Heavenly Doorway imposed by Christ in the world in saving our souls.

In 1912 Mary gave promise of eternal virginity. When you reach age Mary found her old man Joseph the Betrothed, which respects its promise. In his house, Mary worked on purple yarn for the temple curtain was spinning during the Annunciation.

After the birth of Jesus Christ, Mary fled with him and Joseph from King Herod to Egypt, after the death of Herod returned to Nazareth. Mary is present at Calvary, and, according to Christian tradition, first of all it is Christ after his resurrection. According to one version, she lived quietly in the house of John the Theologian, whom Christ told her to adopt. According to the Assumption of Mary, is divorce the soul from the body of Mary, followed by their wonderful reunion and bodily ascension to heaven.

Christmas Mother marked the onset time began vypovnyuvatysya great and comforting promises of God for the salvation of the human race from slavery to the devil. This event brought the fertile land of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of truth, piety, virtue and immortal life. Mother Firstborn Christians and considered them all by the grace of Mother and Advocate charity to which they constantly appeal to filial respect.

Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary served on the eve yavlinnya earth in the flesh the Sun of righteousness - Christ. It meant the approaching destruction of sin, condemnation and death, which tended over people, indicating rapid vossiyannya God's blessing and eternal life on earth.

With some general references to the importance of Nativity Church stringed instruments attach a number of comments on the participation of God in restoring the human race from the shackles fall.

In worship songs and Troparion of the Feast, for example, expressed the idea that pure Virgin and Christ servant of God continually before him cares about giving people the initial bliss. For those inclined to hell, she - the bridge of life. She opened the entrance to paradise, locked ancient crime, and as perfect Ahnytsya resulted in our nature Lamb - Christ.

History Holidays

By the time of its introduction, the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin - one of the last among dvonadesyatyh. The first mention of him in the East occurs in the V century. in Proclus, patriarch of Constantinople and the West - in Sakramentariyi (formulary) Pope Helasiya (the end of V century).. However, the evidence is not sufficiently reliable. Holiday appeared probably first in the Greek Church, was soon adopted in Rome and then in child churches. Mary Christmas is celebrated Iakovitskoyu and Nestorian Church, which may indicate that this holiday appeared in the Eastern Church to the V century. When they separated church. To Andrew of Crete, which was on Christmas Day two words God and canon, this is a great great holiday. In Jerusalem Canonarium VII century. (According to the Georgian version) Mary Christmas - holiday memory with obvious differences from the other day. In the West, regular mention of Christmas Mary found from the VII century., But in VII-IX centuries this holiday did not have general distribution. Liturgist XVII. argued that the West was first introduced by Bishop Fulbert Shartrskyy (d. 1028), which contributed to widespread celebration in Northern France.

Sacred celebrations

At present the saints in the Orthodox Church includes stringed instruments Andrew of Crete, John Damascene, Herman, patriarch of Constantinople (d. 740), Joseph Pisnespivtsya and others. Holy Nativity is one day Forefeast 7 (20) September and four days Afterfeast. Leavetaking - 12 (25) September.

The church has no earthly reason to celebrate the birthday of the Saints, for their day of death on earth - birthday in heaven. The exceptions are two of the biggest celebrations in the Church: the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist. We celebrate not only their air, but their earthly Nativity (birth).

One of the great feasts, which stands at the beginning of the ecclesiastical year - a feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. This is evident from the words of the Troparion of the feast, where it is especially important and joyful. He is joyful, for this birthday Mother - Queen of heaven and earth. It is important because emphasizes the great truth of the holy faith of Bohomaterynstvo Mary. On the importance of this feast and it shows great name in our worship book: "Christmas Holy Lady Theotokos and ever virgin Mary."

Features Feast

In the Holy Gospel indicated very few events in the life of Mary. It does not say anything about her birth and her youth, or about its holy Dormition (death), not even just the names of its parents. How do we know about it? We know about this transfer of Church and apocrypha! Apocrypha are those books that tell us about some events in the life of Jesus Christ or His Blessed Mother, what about that do not speak four Gospels. Although the Church does not recognize holidays apocrypha at all authentic books, even some historical sources, yet they bear much of the primary predan Church.

The main source of news about life is the Blessed Virgin apocryphal book "Protoevanheliya James, written around 170-180 years. This book explained many things not mentioned in the Holy Gospel and helped launch the following feasts: Conception St. Anne, the Nativity of the Virgin in the Temple and celebration in honor of Joachim and Anna. Hence we know the circumstances of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who were her parents. Parents Mary's name is Anna and how - our church and celebrate their day. Apocryphal Protoevanheliya James has always been revered in his quote and explain the many St. Fathers, of which St. Epiphanius, St.. Andrew of Crete, Saint. Sofrony, Patriarch Herman And St. John Damascene and the Patriarch Photios.

In ancient Protoevangelion James read that the Virgin Mary on his father came from the royal house of David, and mother's from the priestly family of Aaron. Her parents lived in Nazareth and were wealthy, and if so marked by great righteousness and love of God. Their yields and incomes Which divided into three parts: one part to give a donation to God, friend to the poor, and the third left for yourself. Great sorrow of Joachim and Anna was their inability to have children. In childlessness was considered Jews by God's punishment. Therefore, they suffered many insults. Small wonder that they ever asked God to send them a child. This was the main target of their prayers and fasts. Finally the Lord God in old age gave them a child. Then they did not suspect that in God's plan little Maria, even then, was appointed as the Mother of God the Son.

History celebration of the feast

Feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God in the Eastern Church belongs to the ancient feast of our Blessed Mother, though not known exactly when he appeared. It is mentioned St. John Chrysostom, Saint. Proclus, St.. Epiphanius, St.. Augustine and St. Roman Sladkopivets. The Palestinian source said that St. Helen († 330), mother of Emperor Constantine, built the temple in Jerusalem in honor of the Blessed Virgin. In the fifth century - of this feast recalls the missal of Pope Helyasiya (492-496).

Stichera and hymns in honor of this feast started Anatoly patriarch (449-458), Stepan Jerusalem (VI cent.) St. Andrew of Crete and the Patriarch Sergei (VII century). St. John Damascene and patriarch Herman (VIII cent.) And St. Joseph Studite (IX century).. The official introduction of this feast in the Byzantine empire is credited to the emperor Mauritius (582-602).

In the East the feast of the Blessed Virgin came to the West in the VII century .. to Rome, and from then spread to the entire western Latin Church. Day 21 September was the feast day because the day was full nine months from conception of Mary in the heart of St. Anne, that our Church celebrates December 22, and that the day was to be the dedication of a temple in her honor in Jerusalem. This feast is one of 12 major feasts of the ecclesiastical year. He has one day peredprazdenstva and only four days pislyaprazdenstva given the feast of Exaltation of the Cross.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - World Day of joy

That comes into the world that was to be Mother of God, is a special source of joy for her parents, Joachim and Anne, for the sky, the earth and all creatures. This spiritual joy of the Nativity of St. Mary emphasize different. Father. St. Andrew of Crete in his remarks about the feast of the Blessed Virgin magnifies as that at which fulfilled all the prophecies of the Old Testament. St. John Damascene in his sermon that day said: "Day of the Nativity is a day world of joy, because through the whole human race Mother Upgrade foremother Eve and sorrow changed to joy."

So divine this day full of joyful sounds like a Christmas light or His resurrection. The main reasons for this joy - the end childlessness righteous Joachim and Anna, the beginning of our salvation, is the special role and importance of God for salvation. Birth of the Virgin Mary most enjoyed her parents. In sticheras aposticha small evening feast, sing: "Rejoice, Joachim and Anna, the radio, as barren born from our reason for joy and salvation."

Birth of the Virgin and the angels rejoice people: "The venerable Tvoe Christmas, Blessed Virgin of the net - sung in the evening of the feast - the multitude of angels in heaven and the human race on earth sing, because you become the Mother of the Creator, Christ our God. Begging him not cease pray for us, for that hope in thee, O Mother Praiseworthy and blameless. "

In this joy involved all the saints of the Old and New Testaments: "Obnovysya, Adam, - to hear Matins of the feast - glad Yevo, rejoice with the apostles and prophets, righteous, because today the total joy of angels and men from the just sow Joachim and Anne: Virgin Mary .

After all the Church calls the faithful to aposticha evening to pay tribute to honor the Mother of God: "Come all faithful and come to the child, because born and, even before conception to its chosen Mother of our God. She is born and the church dressed in their greatness. She - the holy temple that contains the Divinity, virgins vessel king ben. Giving honor to the Savior, praises Christmas Vseneporochnoyi Virgin. "

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