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Holy Virgin

Holy Virgin

Protection of the Blessed Virgin. Great Blessed Virgin's feast, which was established in honor of Our Lady appearing in one of the churches of Constantinople about 910 years. During the reign VI philosopher (886-912), when the city was attacked by Saracens, residents prayed for the Vigil Service at the service of Blachernae temple, where hiding her cope. At that time the native of the Ukrainian lands saint Andrew the Fool for Christ, saw the church vault at the coming of the Holy Virgin surrounded by angels, prophets and apostles. Mother of God pray for the whole Christian world, then came to the throne, and lifted the veil from the head (her to) and covered him Christians who prayed in the temple then. St. Andrew of excitement asked his student Yepyfaniya (Epiphany): "You see, brother, Prince and Queen of all who pray for the whole world?". To which he replied: "I see and am afraid." This appearance was present glory in the church by people who believed in helping the Mother of God in their fight against invaders. Encouraged by the support of heaven, the Greeks defeated the Saracens-Christians. Cover-her to become the symbol of care and intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Subsequently, this event made famous around Constantinople, and in Russia in the eleventh century. spread of St. Mary Mother of God, which carried the X-1 (New Style 14 x).

In the wilds of the internet we nadybaly more on such interesting information (quote): "Another order said that the attackers were our ancestors pagans. When the priests led by Patriarch dipped in holy water of the Black Sea - Riza Queen of Heaven, boats were from nations with thunder smack battle against one another. Nastrahani Rusyches on surviving ships returned away, and their princes Askold and Dir potryasshys such a miracle that exceed human capabilities and understanding, were baptized. "

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