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Day of Unification of Ukraine

Day of Unification of Ukraine

January 22. It was really sublime, festive, pompous. January 22, 1919 on the square in front of Sofia, an event occurred that we dream about generation of Ukrainian patriots: a crowded meeting was solemnly proclaimed by the connection of the Ukrainian National Republic and West Ukrainian People's Republic. I have not read, frankly, historical studies, memoirs, assessments, judgments. Here are some out there just put a drop below. There were, perhaps, and then those who did not like it, there were those who feared were those who obstructed. But I have heard that in the press at that time was not a single article against reunification. Incredibly, both sgodnishni submission. And it seems that the Ukrainian, those who did not feel a stranger here myself from the east, west or even from one who was actually comes from the people, he felt the rise, we felt the holiday. It was a celebration of Ukrainian.

Something was on Jan. 22, 1990, when the Ukrainian people formed a human chain between the East and West Ukraine. But there were then and what remains is still shidnyaki, zapadentsy, Khokhlov, Muscovites, Bandera, Katsap ... And just saloeda, and those who have a hut on the edge. And there's romance with a yearning for a soviet sausage for 2.80. They are still there. They are not only not extinct, but like and multiply.

And in Russia, even romantic - and those patriots. Not to mention Poland. And we have ... Second official language would be desirable ... To really finally justify the reluctance to care about anything else, except that you can earn, buy, steal or defraud. What's sad is for me a holiday. What is there for the hell Collegiality? .. "If a little mad at Bang ..." (Lina Kostenko) Do you know where I was more touched by the of patriotism? Under Berestechko, where thousands of our grandfathers were killed, they retreated, they have lost. There I realized that I love this country, trampled, spit-covered-stolen, the people, without a sense of forelocks, this land, political tears and blood. I love and always will. Not for what. Even if not for that - to love against all odds. Contrary to what many traitors among us, so many criminals, cowards, and even as much as the killers. And despite the fact that the half-life of the Ukrainian President is not measured by more months. Love and will love. Irrational.

Over there - near Berestechko - was patriotism with a lump in my throat. I think this ball is always pamyatatimetsya. I want it.

I really wanted to start this article with the words: "Yesterday otshumelo holiday ..." But the celebration was not buzzing, even though it was January 22 Ukraine celebrates Day of catholicity - the anniversary of the proclamation of the Act of reunification of the West Ukrainian National Republic (WUFR), and UNR. All celebrations confined to traditional laying of flowers, speech of the president and the mention of "how to beat the Bells of St. Sophia.

Like to once again make sure that the Ukrainian know and revere their history, and most importantly - know how to extract lessons from it. Collegiality Ukraine - not just a phrase on the lips of the speaker. Collegiality is the Vectra focus of public life, collegiality - a remembrance of the future and also intends to unity.

Sin does not remember the words born in Lviv, a Polish Jacek Kuron, whose name, along with the names of Lech Walesa and Adam Michnik not get away from the pages of the illegal Polish media and human rights organizations around the world. Dissident staunch opponent of the communist regime, a political prisoner (1965-1967, 1968-1971, 1981-1984), co-organizer of the Committee for Protection of workers (1976), KSS KOR (1977), "Solidarity", for many J. Kuron symbolized the dignity of against the omnipotent machine of a totalitarian state. He said:

"In fact, modernity is always more important than the past, but the actual story in many ways, perhaps even decisive, determines social consciousness."

The history of slowly waking up from the heavy sleep on spetsarhivov. History proofreads us a lecture for a lecture. A Day of catholicity is constantly repeated hackneyed words - "the eternal desire of the Ukrainian people to unite in a national state." 88 years ago, in January 1919, the hope was premature, and the policy variable. Young Ukrainian state squeezed into the ring the enemy army, and dreamed extracted unity quartered Soviet Russia, a young, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. Must remember - to never allow this again. This - the historic wisdom.

But more recently, collegiality has another dimension - a holiday, since 22 January, under the decree Prezidnta is a public holiday.

And, you know very well that the Holy Catholic - is not only a basket of flowers at monuments Shevchenko and Hrushevsky, address of the President and the press reports. This day has another dimension, and that's what I think of him.

Collegiality Ukraine - a tale of how to Krasnoarmeisk Donetsk region Western-guests bring honey from the Carpathian herbs, and instead of wondering color black earth: Did you know that in the Carpathians in the red soil color? Collegiality - History of unity within the one life: girl, born in Gorlovka and spent her life in Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv going to live, work and learn. Our catholicity - a personal experience, the belief that never before will live our distant descendants of Ukrainian blood, no border will not pass the Dnieper River.

A little history

The notion of catholicity in the national-political sense of unity Dnieper and Galicia was is declared major Russian Rada in Lviv back in 1848.

However, this idea finally crystallized at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The first attempt to theoretically justify the struggle for an independent integrity of the Ukrainian government made in 1895 by Julian Bachinsky in "Ukraine irredenta", which on the basis of scientific analysis concluded that the political independence and unity of Ukraine prerequisite for its economic and cultural restructuring.

In 1914, Galicia was organized by the main Ukrainian Rada, which proclaimed in its call for Freedom of Ukraine "formation of an independent Ukrainian state, and the cathedral, with its capital in Kiev, where would the Ukrainian leadership and the Ukrainian parliament (Duma), elected by all the Ukrainian people.

It was only in January 1919 was proclaimed an independent catholic independent Ukrainian state.

And before that, after the armed action Sich Riflemen in November 1918 was created the West Ukrainian People's Republic, headed by the chairman of the Ukrainian National Council of Eugene Petrushevich and the capital city of Lviv.

In December of 1918. Western Ukrainian leadership HP has negotiated with the Kiev leadership on reunification with the Ukrainian People's Republic of Korea (the capital of Kiev). from Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia were elected delegates to the Labour Congress, convened in Kiev. WUFR delegation arrived in Kiev, headed by L. Bachinsky, vice president WUFR - the primary author of the law on the compound.

Solemn act of Reunion began on Jan. 22, 1919 at 12.00 am at St. Sophia Square, attended by tens of thousands of Kiev and the military, the clergy. In the presence of foreign winners of the Secretary of State gave the chairman of L. Tsegelsky Director V. Vinnichenko literacy ruling UNR. Was read by wagon, which proclaimed the compound of the West Ukrainian People's Republic Ukrainian (Dnieper), the People's Republic into a single sovereign People's Republic. From now merged into one Galicia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia, Ukraine's Dnieper in Ukraine one more.

Universal signed: V. Vinnichenko, A. Andrievsky, S. Petljura, F. Shvets, A. Makarenko.

Jan. 23 at the Opera House in Kiev took the Labour Congress. The compounds act on all the four hundred delegates voted. It was agreed the convening of the Parliament of the Great Ukrainian Catholic and renaming WUFR in western Ukrainian region of HP, from which a Director was elected E. Petrushevich. and the subsequent process of the unification of Ukraine was halted under pressure from external forces.

The Directory of the UNR was defeated by the Bolshevik troops and lost almost all its territory, and Northwest Territories were eventually captured by Poland.

For decades, historians silenced the act of proclamation of the reunion of Ukrainian lands. Only in 1990 in memory of the glorious campaign in 1919 was arranged by "human chain" of thousands of people from Kyiv to Lviv and then to the Carpathians.

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