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Beheading (Holovosiky)

Beheading (Holovosiky)

According to folk tradition on this day can not work, especially cut or cut any round fruit that is shaped head - cabbage, potatoes and cabbage. They said that if that day cut head of cabbage, then it may potekty blood. On this day, not cook soup. Sin is even (the only day of the year) eat borscht. The potatoes are boiled in "uniforms", pumpkin baked bread vidlamuvaly hands. They ate only songs dishes or has not eaten. Because of strict fast, set to Holovosiky, this holiday is known among the faithful is called "John Song.

You can also Holovosiky nothing hack with an ax or saw cut. Men can neither shave, nor even to look in the mirror, because you get sick. In the morning thoroughly wash the head.

* Hypericum perforatum L.
That day they gathered last flower svyatoyanivskoho herbs *, poured his vodka and held as medicines throughout the year.

Polishchuk on Holovosiky going to hunt wolves.

To hear thunder, you should be long and warm autumn.

Holovosiky was 11 September.

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