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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Where you can relax on New Year's and Christmas Inexpensive?
Where you can relax on New Year's and Christmas Inexpensive?

Where you can relax on New Year's and Christmas Inexpensive?

It will in this article about Ukraine. Here, unlike other countries of the old world will rest economical, and feeling the same.
As is known, has good old tradition was to spend their winter vacation at ski resorts in Europe. But you can find a resort and Ukraine. For example, many tourists from different countries visit Ukrainian Carpathians Karpaty.U there are two most famous ski resort - and it Bukovel Slavs'ke. Consider these two near the resort.
Yugoslav was built back in Soviet times, and Bukovel built with huge financial outlay is later.
The resort Bukovel approximately 50 km of trails, 15 modern high-speed lifts, equipment that produces snow, variety of slopes, there are no large bursts that are quickly lifts. In Vorokhta Yaremche,, Yasin - usually settle there who want to save money, as prices in Bukovel almost like the resorts of Europe, but its modern service. There are only negative of these places that you may have problems with nutrition. But, for example, can be perfectly Yassin go Dragobrate and Yablunitskom pass.
Slavske - an old Soviet resort but it is much cheaper Bukovelya. However, modern lifts there, slowly. But there is a unique place called Trostyan - a pristine wilderness and descents to any taste. And in Slavsko as saying Ukrainian, trains national team. In the Yugoslav goes more and more tourists here because Primordial descents, and not the result of technology, both in Buhovele. You can only make a choice: either extreme rest in Slavsko or comfort Bukovele.
And should not break his head, where you can relax in the New Year's cheaper, saving the crisis. Just go to the Ukrainian Carpathians. There relax, go skiing. Many companies offer a variety of Christmas holidays and New Year Tours around the world, including in Ukraine. Prices for these tours are usually already known at the beginning of oseni.Detalnishe tours can be found on the Internet. Choose a ski resort in Ukraine, as it Primordial snow clothes, the beauty of the slopes, the savings in money, you do not necessarily know a foreign language.
Another argument in favor of leisure in the Carpathians:


If you want to sit with a cup of coffee on the terrace overlooking the mountains, if you do not like noisy hotel but prefer hearty, comfortable and truly home environment, then you need to go exactly in the Carpathians. There you will pay special attention to lavish care polite staff. In the local hotels will be glad to your arrival. Your holiday will be unique. Hospitality - distinctive feature of the local resorts meshkantsiv.Hirskolyzhni Ukraine - a great resort where will want to return again and again, not only for the new year.

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