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The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains

The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains have long been glorified in song, given in legends, reproduced in proficiency panels hand artists. The most attractive destination for tourists is the Carpathian National Nature Park, and especially Chornohirskyy spine that affects its majesty and harmony of colors in all seasons. Like a charmed girl, Montenegro looks simply amazing in its sky, blue eyes. In fact, this alpine lake located in the bottoms cars - nishopodibnyh recess on the upper mountain slopes. They are caused by erosion of ice-storage battery and has long attracted the attention of researchers as natural monuments of great importance for the investigation of the Quaternary glaciation in the Carpathian Mountains, lakes and Nesamovyte Maricheika. This fresh water lakes with clean clear water.

            Nesamovyte Lake is located on the southeast slope of a stony g. Turkul at an altitude of 1750 m, its length 83 m, width 45 m, depth 1-1,5 m, water surface area of ​​0,3 ha. Near the southern shore of the lake bottom is covered with large flat boulders near the north - sand-silt material. The lake is fed by underground waters and atmospheric precipitation, surface runoff is not. At its periphery frequently crooked pine and juniper Siberian, and in the coastal strip - sfahnovo osokove-peat bog.

High-rise accommodation lake has a significant impact on aquatic fauna, represented by a small number of species. In vertebrates there occasionally to see newts and sometimes a rest span waterfowl (ducks, loons, etc.). The lake is found not a single representative ichthyofauna.

Where did such an interesting title in the lake?

And it was already long ago. Madyarschyny returning from the auction house with a guzul Zhabye. Night found him in the mountains near the lake. He fastened his horse to the fir. And he set the fire, took kitlyk and went to the lake get clean water. Just scooped up again and hear a noise that was there. He looked: and on the opposite bank of the master goes to a good cart drawn by two horses thoroughbred. He approached him and asked:

What are you looking so late?

I want to have dinner and a night here as it is difficult in the dark
mountains to get home.

And you will be cold here under the tree? I close here
live it well and you will receive.

They got into a carriage and went straight into the lake. The water in it and made way for a beautiful palace. All windows are covered with bright light, with the choir singing and music in them. The master invited guest to the table. He vhynayetsya from various overseas delicious food and drinks.

As the midnight, the lights off, and joyful audience has settled down. But the court did not lock someone vhavav and something did. Gutsul looked out the window and saw a bunch of people that were harvested from the water surface of the lake ice.

What are you doing this summer found among the classes? -
guzul surprised.

These souls of dead sinners storing hail -
clarifies the master.

When they were still alive, then I gave them lifetime, but the end
world they serve me.

Hutsul man realized that he could jump into trouble. Cross. Became fierce lake ice waves hit coasts and threw away at the rock guest. When he came to senses of fear, jumped to its Voronoi chymduzh flew from dangerous places. A lake, since all are called Frantic - for deep outrageous secrets that lie in its depths.

One of the most popular events - tells ochevydytsya:

Ghosts are not seen, but much dismayed. In the rage in 1993. Then I understood why it is called Frantic. First, there was strong wind and then it seemed as if someone walks out of the tent but we were afraid to look out. Outside remained guitar strings so she played.

Even my girlfriend went to a hike in the same 1993-m, they spent the night at some old mortgage on the road from guchi on Syvulyu (exact location can not say it, maybe someone from forumchan heard of the place). Two boys and four girls were so perepolohani toyu night that just got off the route. No, ghosts do not see any but the feeling was eerie, as if there was something very bad. And this was confirmed by sober and brave guys.

Lake Maricheika appeared in major ice circus in the north-eastern slope of the g-Gropa brother in law. It is located at an altitude of 1510 m. The area of ​​the lake - and .51, to 1 m deep water in the lake comes from multiple sources and follows a steep slope into the valley of the river Pohorilets. It is surrounded by virgin forest and mountain spruce-pine crooked. On all sides of the lake overgrown with sedge. Vertebrate fauna is represented by two species of newts: Alpine and Carpathian. Since invertebrates can see beautiful representatives of dragonflies. As Nesamovyte, Maricheika poor in aquatic organisms. There is no single representative fish, but far can meet representatives of amphibians (spotted salamander, yellow-red kumku).

Here is the legend tells us about the origin of its name.

It was then back in the days when our land black voronnyam various invaders had marched. Destroy all villages, cities. Do not have people save them from anywhere but the mountains. And here began to overtake their enemies. From a distance noticed strangers Marichka spouse shepherd John: "Run, my dear, to our family and alert them to the mortal danger, and I'll try to stop them here. Can not wanted her to agree to such beloved Legin. But doom and destruction to the correct parents, children, all Hutsul people did too, he could not.

Remains the beautiful one, proudly perepynyla way black forces. Rozizlylysya enemies. Grabbed her, began to murder and to demand that it withdraw from their hated the mountains. Maricheika then winds up in such evil foe Debra, that escape of them have been someone else. Whistled overhead babes naked swords. Trembled the earth zviyalysya terrible storm - thunder, for zrushylysya with lofty mountains, scattered on head ordyntsev stones from the terrible weight which appeared abyss. They found it in their end all invaders. Killed and heroic advocate gutsulskogo Marichka tribe. A sea of ​​tears behind her vyplakav Ivanko of them were born beautiful and majestic lake Maricheika. And no wonder that the area where these two lakes are located, is included in the core areas of the Carpathian National Nature Park as an important historical and conservation value. To explore these unique monuments of nature are laid trail.

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