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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (beginning)
Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (beginning)

Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (beginning)
Greetings to all readers from the first day of winter! And on the occasion of a new season suggest a story about a ski vacation. In February this year went with friends for four days in the Carpathians and riding on Bukovelska routes. This coming and language. Have a nice reading and viewing photos!
Winter breaks furious blizzard in everyday life and brings with it changes for the better. I have since childhood love this time of year for its uniqueness. Tell me when you can still throw snowballs, go down the hill on sledges, fun run and tumble down, not being afraid to hit and drabble. Snow! This is really a miracle, a gift of heaven. And it only brings winter. Or remember the New Year. One of the best children's holiday falls, again, for the winter. Outside a snowstorm, and the room cozy and warm. Twinkle colored lights on the Christmas tree, fairy vidblyskuyut it silvery garlands and glass toys. A morning at beautiful Green will receive a gift from Santa.
And I looked forward to the coming of winter to go into the mountains to ski. For the first time I went to the Carpathian ski slopes where he studied at the school in seventh grade. Then we went to class in Slavske the Christmas holidays. The second time was to ski down after ten years. This time I pulled into the mountains of my university mates. Their first discovered this type of vacation a year before, and the next season for them and I joined. First time in a student company, I went to the same Slavske, though riding on the mountain we Trostyan while in school I met a version of Polytech.
First ride was difficult. Interfere with fear and lack of skills. But three days I, though very tired, but still learned to go down without falling. But the greatest pride for me to curb the loop, which at first I was not very good relations. In short, I realized that skiing - this is my, and next year he went again. But the weather was capricious, the winter is warm in the winter snows come true only sometime in February, so visit otrymalasya devoted to International Women's Day. And yet for some reason it turned out that our company was reduced to two people - or others could not, or could, but not then. So we were in the kingdom Andrei Bukovelya. And as it turned out, we guessed the choice, because here we liked much more. Therefore not surprising that this year went there too. But not alone, and in the expanded company. Actually on vacation this year and will continue the story.

Road to mountains

Bukovel - young and relatively expensive ski resort. Its ski runs down from the tops of five neighboring mountains, the first of them, which was equipped with a lift, and gave the name of the institution. You can get to by road - from the highway that leads from Ivano-Frankivsk to Rachel before the village Yablunitsa that rozlyahlosya in the mountains almost to the border areas is Palianyts'a offshoot to the village in which Mecca is located, and skiing enthusiasts.
In Bukovele developed infrastructure, there is a place to stay, network of food and other necessary institutions. But as I mentioned, the prices there something bite, so we were in Yaremche. Andrew through a friend last year found such a novel, which provides accommodation, ski rental and even carries the descent of his minivan. In short, all inclusive. Only about food we had the same care as in all others there was no discomfort. A Roman in Yaremche nearby train station is no small estate, while it may take several groups of guests. Therefore, despite the fact that this time we came in larger part, the problems with the Dwelling was not.

River Prut Yaremche
But there were problems with snow. More precisely, in his absence. None of Ivano-Frankivsk, where we arrived by train from Kyiv, and in itself Yaremcha where minibus arrived, it was not observed. But, remembering that as well, if not worse, it was last year, I'm not worried. Strange but true: while only a few dozen kilometers deep into the mountains and several hundred meters above Bukovel every time surprised me considerably more snow cover than in the same Yaremche. Even at the entrance to Yablunitse, patches of snow behaved trust, and from this village to the resort's a. Obviously, the founders of the institution know where is the place to choose.
In Yaremche arrived at noon. Roman picked us to ski, we settled in the room, perevdyahnulysya had dinner and then went to a ski resort. So, at lunch time we found ourselves at the foot of the mountain Bukovel, where the different sides of the raised platforms. Unlike Slavskogo here only one hoist rope, and he passes on nearly equal little inclined side of the mountain. All others were the same chair, preferably four, but met and double and triple.
First we divided into two groups: while Roman instructed the girls on children's pull, we decided Andrew stretch on other slopes. First movements were constrained, however, has a half-hour break in the old skating hardly felt. Together we visited most of the tracks, where it seemed nothing had changed. For the year ended, I did not notice any new lift, no new descent, although dark green wooded slopes of the mountains before long in some places were "proyideni" strips unfinished snow slopes.
But at the same time, now skid was better than that year. Yet, the beginning of February is more favorable season for winter sports than the beginning of March. Frost, though not large, but not the occurrence of wet snow. However, this time the weather we raised a little on the last day. Ushered in the icing runs - snow melted a little at first, then hit frost and ice formed. And if the snow slope on the remaining tracks, the ice on the road it's almost none left, and, according skis behave differently. But before I knew it had to fall again. And, not wishing to ski took off, I just like felt lost balance, zdiynyav feet up and so on back to ski over your head proyihavsya even ten meters until stopped. And then, without removing skis, got up and went on as if nothing happened. Yes I own backs experienced ice slope and over the day never fell.

View of Mount Bukovel and Petros (2020m) after him
By the say, skis over his head - is not some fad, and the way a necessity to success. After all that is worst in the fall of descent? I'm not talking about any injuries or broken cameras. Most striking has never comes. Instead, big trouble lies in spreading things. Often one can see: skier rushes along the route, flying - down to behind the ears, and suddenly one careless movement throws it to the ground and place the human figure appears suddenly a white cloud of snow mass, from which in turn is separated with one ski, then second, then staff, and the cloud is still way down. When the snow vlyahayetsya, loser gets up, obtrushuyetsya, and sadly to be inspected by his spectacular touchdown, and then, cursing aloud or to themselves, waddling back and collect what rozhubyv. Sometimes part of the equipment is left on it, but it still has to lose, to rise after this single ski, or one rod, which stayed in there somewhere at the top, in place of rapid start rolling.
Sometimes when it seems that lost to ski as far and near scurry other skiers use their thought comes through. And the truth, do hard to someone with those who are still at the top, take a drive and lost detail and submit to the owner - is still on the road. And often difficult to run this scheme in action - a colleague difficult time to move attention from the road that you say, but if not, he will almost certainly repeat your act for attention with the clean way is very dangerous, especially at speed and especially difficult stages of the road - with twists, or horbochkamy zchesanymy plots.
Generally, every night a special machine comparing slopes, and after the invasion army of skiers they are modified and created the above things. I especially do not like snow horbochky. If you go slowly, it is even pleasant, like a Soviet-era attraction "Merry Hill" - when you raised it, then down. But if you fly in an array horbochkiv at speed, the effect goes like the traffic on the road with ruts - skiing with great frequency as if something hit the bottom and then they are bouncing, then dropped. But the worst thing happens when they do not simultaneously, at different nayizhdzhayuchy bugorki. And even quite small deviations from the course of one of the ski and it zachipayuchys overboard on the next horbochok instantly flies away, and on one ski, as you know, long drive is not easy. Yes, and no sense - it's like walking back on the left.

On the lift
And sometimes abandoned and does not stop there and continues its movement, freed from his master, who at this time is to roll up the slope, or already on the snow. Once had to go through the whole route and go into the forest to look for her somewhere between the trees. And while she easily slipped on the snow surface is not firmly, I chvalav on her cold scent, provalyuyuchys knee.
But all these troubles came later. And the first day I tried to drive carefully, not too rozhanyayuchys and almost falling down. Moreover, in the evening in our group there was redistribution. We are united again and decided to continue launching the so-called night session, which is charged separately. The rest of the day, and as it turned out, all other days, I katavsya with my sister, and Andrew with the girls from Moscow. Only at lunchtime we gathered together and rode the rest of the time in different places and have little overlap.
Up Bukovel rising from various points of two lifts and is, accordingly, two of branching descents. During the night skiing are only available to them. At high chair supports roads uploaded powerful spotlights that illuminate and these two tracks. And while everything around becomes dark, artificial light is getting brighter and the slope becomes incredibly fantastic tones.
Driving under cover of night and light lamps leaves a lasting impression. If full-time ride looks somehow as usual, the evening is filled with some nezvychnosti and mystical mystery. Black wall obstupaye forest with high slender firs, distant mountains hardly seen, the darkness swallowed everything and only ski slope shining snow-white tablecloth that lights down to lace houses that opened at the foot of descent.

Ski trail
And yet, on the road only during night skiing can throw multiple shadows. And colorful - then bluish, then reddish, then yellowish - depending on the next floods. When pidiymayeshsya on elevator towers which are located just in the forest, then plunge into total darkness. Somewhere beyond the rows of barrels look shreds brightly lit descent and around - blackness. Only hear in almost complete silence supports the lift chair quietly peremovlyayutsya with cabins and a tranquil air hovers extremely delicate flavor Carpathian fir.

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