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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Museum of Partisan Glory in Yaremche.
Museum of Partisan Glory in Yaremche.

Museum of Partisan Glory in Yaremche.

April 13 inaugurated one of the halls of the former Museum of Partisan Glory. " Inflamed brain of a clerk of museums, named it "The Museum of the struggle for liberation." Now, thanks to the help of Museum of Folk Arts and Gutsulschiny Pokuttya Museum has acquired a new name: the Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathians "and soon restore all the exhibition halls.

 Despite snowless winter avalanche near Goverly claimed the life of another foolish tourist. Two holidaymakers from Mariupol Novgorod and decided to conquer winter Carpathians and down the mountain Goverlu. As leaders chose a random acquaintance resident Khmelnitsky, which for $ 100. Explore inexplicably viddilyvshys from friends, paved the way for a snow cap.

Yaremcha disappear from the earth and geographical maps! Carpathian resort town decision of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, - the correspondent Breeze - returned to the historical name Kalush. "For" adoption of appropriate decision on the specification name Yaremcha Ivano-Frankivsk region voted 408 deputies out of 438, registered in the session hall. http://briz.if.ua/index.php?nid=2180

Yushchenko's Dacha around Yaremche Yushchenko cottage sells for it .... There's foul They say, Yushchenko could not sleep in the new cottages. Nothing strange. The guards told us that in a luxurious house all night to hear strange sounds: noise, ringing neigh pidkovuvanyh horses. As if by the window all night working hard to forge. And go in the morning - and the place is not even grass prym'yata. Such miracles. Thus all attempts to rest on its Yushchenko yaremchansky giving experienced collapse. And the president to zarvaty least a little bit of sleep, had to go up 20 kilometers of new resort Bukovel

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