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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » EKOLOGO-Cognitive Trails "G. Makovytsya (Yamnyanske forestry)
EKOLOGO-Cognitive Trails "G. Makovytsya (Yamnyanske forestry)

EKOLOGO-Cognitive Trails "G. Makovytsya (Yamnyanske forestry)

Length - 8 km.
Altitude: beg. point - 550 m con. point - 984.5 m
Duration of the transition - Year 4.
Route markings, stamps normal format.
Color marks: horizontal bands of white in the center - the green strip.
Route description

The route is an excursion in the outskirts of city with Yaremcha Climbing Makovytsya.
Route begins in Yamnyanskogo forestry. The stone path we follow through a mixed forest dominated by the beech forest, - a valuable lesoobrazovyvayuschaya, pochvouluchshayuschaya rock and soil. In addition there are beech and spruce fir.

Sloping part of the ridge occupied by meadows, dominated by turf Bilous (in local - psyanka). Scattered among the grasses found stunted thorny bushes Siberian juniper. Grass cover - typical for the belt of beech-interfering forests.

At the edge of the forest occurs periwinkle, which is sung in the work of the Slavs, people searching for it, and medicines. However, due to its toxic action is used to a limited extent.
Vegetation that occurs along the route, represented by forb-grass groups involving Chervono-book types: mountain arnica, astrantsii big traunshteynerii globe, Zozulyntsi pyatnastogo and May, mowers cherepitchastih.

Attention is drawn to the flowers Sievers, bells, korolitsi. In the beech forest are found many animals that eat the seeds of this species. This is - jay, nutcracker, boar, mouse and mink. You can see pyatnastuyu salamander, newts. When passing the route and possible meeting with the viper and the frog, red deer and roe European. Moving along the ridge, go to the summit, the Makovytsya. On a clear sunny day from the top view of almost the entire territory of the national park.

Right to the west - the river valley Zhonka, which originates at the northern slope Yavirnyk. To the south - has come to lie in the outskirts of the valley of the Prut River with. Mykulychyn. A little way off - in the southern part of the panorama - one can see the top of the Montenegrin array.

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