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CARPATHIAN Fornication

CARPATHIAN Fornication

Anyone who traveled to the Carpathian Mountains, met him. He lives in the mountains, but do not know where. Hutsuly about it. He will always seek after people - and nobody knows when it will become a victim. In the Carpathian mountains riot settled long ago, back in the days when rock rose from the sea. "... Ascending slope. I look - not the place! Times five walked here and now can not recognize. Thus, the path returns. Where stone - as high column? From him, I know to be right - there will be flow. Not at all! Neither Stone nor the rivulet. Around just some lame and withered trees. The slope does not end. Somewhere creeping fog. Pen caddy with him vyhulknuv. Commonest snag, and it seemed - so cunning face a beard and corners. Four hours dybaly same hill - nothing familiar. I had to stop. And then "milk" renown went, blazed the sun. We look and we are again at the crooked tree, "- recounts a trip to Mount Alexander Ihrovets luchanyn Maslyak. Sasha travels over the mountains where syaty years. He has experience of winter hiking. Alexander claims that several times while traveling the mountains had almost mystical adventure. As such, changed sense of time and then the route was twice as faster than ever. Or started to "wind circle on a well-known section of the road. Vodylosya him to wander among the tops of long and Doboshanky on the slopes and Petros Parashka near Hutyn Tomnatyk. Last time this happened during the descent from the mountain Grof. Schorl familiar path, but turned out not to the spur. On cases of immorality in the Carpathians can tell a thousand and one story. Only difference is that it - not fairy tales. Each case really lived. Experienced lifeguard Oleh Humeniuk weighed four times the life of descent from Goverly. "I lost the trail and could not move off the foot of the mountain, - says Oleg. Each stated that not go out there and again had to climb to the top. Then he saw a little - and took off with a snow cornice. Gutsul from under Dzembronya Vasily Krychun lost in his native Montenegro. The man went to Rozshibenyk (local name mountain Menchul - auth.) And could not return. Lypi prayed - found a path. Many travelers face in the Carpathians with supernatural phenomena. People hear strange sounds, seeing strange figures met Elders who then disappear somewhere incomprehensible. "There is in our mountains, mysterious smile Vasily Krychun.

NYAVKA, and Mamoun YAZYA

Carpathian Mountains, locals believe, populated by dozens of otherworldly creatures. Some are friendly to people, other - hostile. All kinds of twenty. Scum has its hierarchy. The oldest "noise", he "devil", "evil" (hutsuly convinced that can not be called otherworldly addressed - auth.). Under his "hell", "yudnyky", "scheznyky. It is they confuse people and produce in the mountains of different malware. Roam among the firs embodiment of the wicked young women - "nyavky" (or "Mavka") and "Forest" (or "lisovytsi). "Nyavky" help people: look after the cattle, sow grass on the hills and flowers, planting saplings and berries. For men, tourists: nyavky-slim, chubby, sweet temper forest beauty. Not to be confused with "forest-we! "Lisovytsi - hostile maidens. Thin, Chernookaia and chornokosi but able turning. Singing voice and loved in fog - beguiling. Then give "fornication" to ridicule. "Fornication" - "forest man". Short, strashnenkyy, clings to the people and lead them to the mountains to die. Has a brother - a high, biloborodoho, dressed all in white. "Chuhayster" loves talking with people and dance. Hey, Tourist-the woman! Do not go to dance with chuhaystrom, no matter how nice he seemed. Tighten the woodman in the den - and Farewell to TV, "fair" and "d-juice" with tonic! And Carpathians hutsuls say, slush ghosts, "Bat" who steal sleep. "Vyrovyy wind" that takes care, and can pick up and store in an abyss. "Yazi - such evil pokorcheni grandmother to suck out of people's power. And "Mamoun. "Men Mamoun beguiling women, and women - men. Because it's what many people are limits bludstva, "explains Galina Solomiychuk with Kosmach. Full, "she said, the mountainous forests of vampires, witches and Witcher, and yet Vovkun (they ghoul). To end the one with all this evil spirits, one in pazusi or purse (Hutsul zone - author.) Bear some teeth of garlic. Other ways to get rid of ominous creatures known "earth gods" or "unusual". People who are naturally endowed with extraordinary abilities, Horyany worship and believe as mediators between the real world and the other. One of the "unusual", Michael molfar Nechai, currently living in the Carpathian village of Upper Yavoriv. Wizard advised to apply these charms: "What first - the sun in the sky that the second - two eyes in his head that the third - Trinity Church, the fourth - four-wheel cart in that five - five toes on hands that Sixth - forage cap of the stars *, seventh - seven of the acts that eighth - eight boys Kosarev, and ninth - nine kreytseriv bought Boar's fool. " And while the evil forces, he says, gives way ..


Do not believe-and-iryu, says skeptic, no magic and molfar. Give a rational explanation or do not read further! Do not hurry, dear. Moving to the grid Hartman. Expert parapsychology and bioenergy Ostap Pawlak explains the phenomenon of fornication, a man disconcerted by local impact of energy field of the Earth. Suppose that the surface of our planet rozhraflena. The lines along and across the pass schopivtora meter - draws scheme scholar. - Loran endowed with the largest positive energy. And actually the line - negative. It is believed that good especially rich in mountains, and faults, gorges, pit, cave, have negative energy. So, is the "bad" in nature. their people can feel - bioenergy believe that sensory function performs our mental body. Apart from natural anomalies, the negative energy accumulated in areas where once it was something bad. This - ruined cemetery space executions, torture, murders, suicides and accidents. This area is usually different from the rest of the environment. It is a very little plants, no insects and birds. Quickly thence, turyste! Do not stop where distorted trees. Do not sit down to drink coffee under the withered stems. No breaks tent in a dilapidated house - and how they murdered someone? "People who have a strong energy field that can withstand the negative impact of place - continues parapsychologist, - 3 way huddle energetically weak and unprotected. Energy loss leads to fatigue, anxiety and uncertainty. And the loss of protection - disbelief. Is there an easy way to restore energy balance. According to Christian tradition, it should sincerely pray prokazaty five, seven or twelve times and the cross. Cross impose on the major chakras, it saves energy and protects both. " When the landmarks have been lost, will help energy Dowsing. Stop, where we get a thread, and kilechko maystruyemo ingenuous device (instead of ring in the ring can be twisted any wire - auth.). Ring strung on a thread and clamp it in hand so that kilechko hanging perpendicular to the ground. We have the pendulum. Program, who then him. We must concentrate, to give orders out loud and see how everything is: "Here's the answer" yes "the pendulum swinging left-right to" no "shaken back and forth." Imagined? Now ask where to go next.

Map, Compass, GPS

Where to go when lost in the mountains knows Verkhovynsky squad leader Vasily Kobilyuk rescuers. According to his observations. "Riot" often befall tourists beginners. Singles travelers and mushrooms. Last year, lost in the Carpathians and were rescued almost three hundred tourists. Three were killed. There are a few places, Basil tells Kobilyuk where people constantly stray from the path. Way Goverlu tourists from behind the group. And on the descent from the top of confused paths. Low crotch - and instead of Zaros-scary fall in Lazeshchyna. O'tourists in Montenegro, in the Svydovets in Gorgan. "The slopes of Gorgan usteleni zherepom (pine-author). In thickets, extending for three to five kilometers, no trails - explains lifesaver. - Speed ​​alpiykoyu an average of 600 meters per hour. In thicket zherepovyh risk to die from exhaustion. So better evade them. If the same "sitting" in alpiytsi, Go down - saving the valley. Traveling and Montenegro Svydovets, tourists mostly confused direction in the zone of alpine meadows. It is - homogeneous area, where, again no reference points. In the campaign can help map "Tourist trail Chornogory. Another bit of cards. On older maps have special Polish characters - the word "bad place" circled. For example, marked two saddles. One lies between mountain canyon and the main watershed Chernogori. The other is located between mountains and Menchul Brebeneskul. Around them, rescuers fix most cases of fornication.

Another one "bad place", which they call "the Carpathian Bermuda, located between Brebeneskul, Hutyn Tomnatyk and Lake Nesamovite. In this imaginary triangle schotretiy lost tourist. There is a feature of dozens of parallel paths. Hutsuls dubbed "psyenky. It is dangerous here in bad weather in the fog when riding "sit down" clouds. "Choose routes according to skills and experiences - advised Vasily Kobilyuk. - Noticed that go wrong - go back and start again lost on route "bald" slope - Climb to the top. Lost in the woods - go into the water. Find the source and go downstream. Came across the river - walk a few yards perpendicular from the stream and see the path. Streambed in the Carpathians it is better not to go, exhaust Storms, rocks, waterfalls. Always take a trip compass, map and desirable - SR5. Then the "riot" will flee from you in the eyes of the world. " So simple, and no mysticism? "Who knows - notes lifesaver. - One day I went to the spokes. To address their stone - hissing black snake. Bypassed. He made a few more steps - rushed me another snake. Was amazed, for the first time came across the following two snakes at once on the same day colleagues found the bodies of two missing tourists. Before I go into the mountains, Basil Kobilyuk always prays in the chapel. "Campaigns are very serious - he said. - When you understand that one can not expect help in mind contact the higher forces. And salvation comes.

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