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Introduction of the Holy Virgin. The third Virgin

Introduction of the Holy Virgin. The third Virgin

Introduction of the Holy Virgin (Greek Eisodos - entrance, lat. Praesentatio - present), the Christian festival, established in memory of apocryphal events from early childhood, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrated December 4 (21 November for the art. Style). The Orthodox Church is among the Blessed Mother dvonadesyatyh holidays.

According to Church liturgical translation, based on Chapter 7 apocryphal ancient Protoevangelion James (Jacob) (II cent.), Parents of Mary, Joachim and Anna (Anna), a token of appreciation by giving them daughters in their old age, promised to devote her God pay for education and ministry at the church. When Maria turned three years old, her parents have fulfilled the promise. The celebration were all relatives, friends and a lot of young virgins, they went out to meet the high priest, surrounded by priests, among whom was Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. Virgin Mary, no one has supported, came down the stairs of the temple of Jerusalem and entered the Holy of Holies.

The first mention of holidays in the East appears in VIII-IX centuries.: Holiday in Sinai Gospel (715), all Greek misyatseslovah of IX century. But as a simple memory, not on holiday. In the Charter of the United Church of Constantinople IX century. Writing is not given for any service, but it marked a record "cathedral. Mary, when she was brought by his parents, brought to the temple of the Lord at the age of 3 years. In XI-XII centuries. Introduction to East has been a simple memory that can be seen from the Gospels of misyatseslova Ostromyrov (1056), Mstislav (to 1117), Ohrid (13 cent.), Where it referred only liturgical Gospel reading and where it is combined with other monuments Five - St. Iulianiyi. Nevertheless, starting from the XII century. in liturgical monuments placed East Service Introduction, very close in composition to contemporary.

The celebration continues in the general Introduction 6 days - from 20 to 25 November.

In the West holiday under the Greek influence appears only in the XIV century. In Rome it was introduced by Pope Sykstom IV (XIV century). And included in the service of his Breviariy as a holiday "at will", "for some places. Pope Sykst V in 1585 made it mandatory for the entire Catholic Church. In the modern calendar, the Catholic Church in the Temple - not a holiday, and memory.

Orthodox Church celebrates new style addition of 4 December.

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