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Holy Prophet Elijah

Holy Prophet Elijah

Holy Prophet Elijah was born in Fesfiyi (Tesviyi) Halaadskiy for 900 years before Christ. The name that parents have given his son (Elijah means "My God - Yahweh") defined his life. From small years he devoted himself to God, settled in the desert and live in prayer and rigorous fasting. At that time of Ahab king of Israel, calling people to worship idols (Baal). Idolatry was committed and Queen Jezebel. Among those brave Israeli who opposed this was Elijah. He fervently prayed, called people to repent and believe in God. Seeing the spiritual death of his people, Elijah urged the king to convert predicted calamity for the nation if it does not shamenetsya. When the king did not heed the prophet come three-year drought that caused starvation in the country. Only the prayers of the holy prophet Elijah in a weary land rain fell again.

Elijah was a great deal of persecution from the idolaters. When he was about to die, he found that the living God will take him to heaven. And so it happened. A friend of Elijah and other witnesses saw a chariot of fire appeared and raised holy angels in heaven. That's icon painters depicting Elijah - the fiery chariot pulled by winged horses Quartet, which rises to the heavens.

During the earthly life of Jesus Christ, mindful of the miracles of Elijah, the son of God, Jews were perceived as a prophet. And in the time of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Elijah with Moses talked with God. In tropars holidays Elijah is identified as Angel carnal, stronghold prophets, the second forerunner of Christ's coming ... "

Feast of St. Elijah the prophet is celebrated on August 2.

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