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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

March 21.

World Poetry Day was proclaimed by delegates of the 30 th Session of UNESCO General Conference in 1999.

First World Poetry Day was marked on March 21, 2000. Paris (France), where the headquarters of UNESCO.

To establish the date of the UNESCO General Conference was to draw public attention to the poetic heritage and the need to resort to it in the educational and outreach activities.

This day is celebrated annually. New publications, exhibitions, poetry competitions, performance poets bring us into the world of words that stirs the soul of the best feelings.

Poetry, as stated in the decision of UNESCO, may also be a response to the most acute and profound spiritual questions of modern man, but you must bring it to the widest possible public attention. In addition, World Poetry Day is to give wider opportunity to declare itself to small publishers, whose efforts, mainly comes to the readers work of contemporary poets, literary clubs, reviving the age-old tradition of live-sounding poetic word. This day, according to UNESCO, should help to create the media a positive image of poetry as a truly modern art, open to people.

UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura, turning in March 2003 to the international community on the occasion of World Poetry Day, said: "Poetry - is the most important cultural phenomenon, a comprehensive language conveys the inner desire of human beings to live together with others, and thus necessary for bringing people closer together. Being reflection and mirror of society, poetry - the main means samostverzhdennya and effective lever of creativity, progress and common development.

Consequently, poetry helps us to live together. It is necessary to establish a dialogue between cultures and for harmonious interaction between different societies. Promotion of poetry, its dissemination and translation - this is one of the factors promoting cultural diversity, a vital source of inspiration, is revived living unity of the poet in the multifaceted manifestations of his work. "

UNESCO Director-General urged all Member States, NGOs and associations in the World Poetry Day to pay tribute to poetry and reflect on the fundamental role it plays in the dialogue between cultures - a dialogue, which is the guarantor of peace.

World Poetry Day is celebrated in Ukraine. In the voucher "Ukrainian folk calendar," he first appeared in 2004.

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