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World Day Kisses

World Day Kisses

July 6
Day Kisses

July 6 is the World Day of kisses. This festival first began celebrating in the UK. On this day, everyone can "share their souls" to the full rights.

Twenty years ago it was approved by the United Nations.

Why do people kiss? Firstly, because it is a culture. Almost everywhere people are getting into a romantic situation, feel an unconscious need kiss. A feeling that members of the opposite sex are programmed to kiss and just waiting for this. If you understand this, you will get more kisses, and pleasure from them.

The program operates every day. People see actors kissing on television, in films and commercials, they tell us about what their friends are kissing so-and so somehow, they see people kissing on the street. As a result, in certain situations, a kiss is perceived as a mandatory component. Therefore, in a romantic situation acts subconscious stereotype, and people feel almost irresistible urge to kiss him, regardless of whether they want it in reality or not.

Known publican:

An American AE Wolfram from Minnesota for 8 hours kissed 8,001 people on Sept. 15, 1990 during the festival, held in his state. Thus, he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds.

The first kiss on screen: in 1896 - his May Irwin and John C. Rice in a 30-second clip of Thomas Edison called "The Kiss".

The most intense kisses Film: "Don Juan" (1926, Warner Brothers "). It counted 191 kiss.

The longest kiss in movie history: Regis Toomey and Jane vajmy kissed for 185 seconds in the movie «You're in the Army Now» («You're in the Army, 1940), representing 4% of the total length of the movie.

Do not even think to deny that over the last week you do not have to kiss someone or be broadcast. At least on the cheek. That's it! But did you think of how, when and why this might be familiar now, but they are not less pleasant for us rite? Or the current state of affairs in the field of kissing ...

Kissing time smell cinnamon, crazed passion, and the smell of farewell unspoken admissions, smell of wine, sometimes, despair, sighs and smiles, smell, smell the past and present, the smell of chocolate caramels and cheese, yogurt smell, zasharilistyu, smells a lot more than. You yourself could easily add in this list than the smell is your kiss. Could describe its color, its texture and to determine at least roughly, maybe mentally, even listen to his tonal shades. And, of course, will not mind if you tell someone that a kiss - a form of communication, that is to say, communication between people. Depending on how you relate to him, a kiss can be either very complex communication act, or very simple. Of course, one could argue that "the era of sport and synthetics," as well-known poetess Lina Kostenko (you can add from myself - in the Internet age, global communications and endemic McDonaldization) good old kiss did not help bring peoples closer together. But at the same time, a small potsilunochok can truly work miracles and send thousands of shades of feelings that arise between two people. Feeling absolutely neotsifrovani, wireless, nemultimediynye - dumb type. There are things that you can pass only a kiss, it does not require any mountains fax or e-mail messages of hundreds.

So how and when these have the most kisses and tsomchiky?

Most knowledgeable people said that the authorship of the first kiss is not installed. Kiss was not invented like electricity or telephone. He was not named for a Neanderthal who first joined his lips and pried them with a distinctive sound, leaving a wet mark on the cheek of a friend. In general, does not really matter where it came from the word for this action. Much more interesting to know why there was the action itself, but on this occasion by anthropologists, historians and philosophers have not yet agreed. But several theories still exist. For example, the theory of conservation of thermal balance, or a theory that a kiss is no different from the act of sniffing, the animals "greet" each other when they meet. One plausible hypothesis is the assumption that people's need for kissing - nothing like an echo of childhood memories about food from the mother's breast. Through him, the kid gets all that needs: food and love. And at that moment for a child love and food - the concept of interchangeable.

Kissing traditions and definitions

First, a warm-up fantasies, a small excursion into history: kisses certainly greeted each other when they met the first Christians. In times of dark Middle Ages ended with a kiss ceremony of a candidate for knighthood. In ancient Babylon, public kisses were punished very severely: the woman who kisses on people threatened with cutting off the ears, and a man could lose his upper lip. In the XVIII century, when the raging plague, rabies, syphilis, European doctors have warned patients: "Never kiss the lips that about whose health you do not know for sure."

So what is this, a kiss? Probably everyone will be able to give his definition of the deeply intimate and thrilling act, not even suspecting that there is a very strange and too dry for a romantic process definition. For example, the doctors call a kiss so-called cramp or spasm. And add that during the kiss are utilized 29 large and small muscles. Vladimir Dahl describes the kiss as follows: "No, lobizannya, a single application the lips as a sign of love, friendship, greeting, respect, and so on."

And finally, the view of the famous Greek philosopher on this subject: Plato called kiss nothing else than an "exchange between two souls." Nicely, of course?

Why do we kiss?

First on the physiological aspect of kissing: kissing during accelerated heart rate (150 strokes). The frequency of shocks with particularly strong excitation can be doubled. Three-minute kiss - and you have lost 12 calories. In addition, saliva contains androsterone - a substance that arouses sexual desire.

It is generally accepted that a kiss - not only fun but also drugs. Dental medicine: kissing, you protect yourself from caries better than the use of various pastas, orbit and Dirol. During a kiss stimulates saliva, which protects teeth from damage due to the content in it of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, fans of passionate kisses less susceptible paradantoza. Cosmetic medicine: a passionate kiss causes stress for more than 30 facial muscles. The skin is smoothed thanks to this, it becomes more elastic. Nutritional medicine: at long kiss we spend not less than 12 calories. But even with more modest energy consumption can be, it turns out to lose weight. As scientists have calculated, with 3 kisses a day (every 20 seconds) will allow you a year to get rid of a kilo of excess weight! Analgesic drugs: analgesic effect must kiss the hormone endorphin. The more passionate the kiss, the greater the hormone produced by the body. For one kiss in the body is thrown soothing dose of hormones, which exceeds the minimum dose of morphine. Kiss as anti-stress therapy: it prevents the formation of stress hormones - glucocorticoids. After all, they are in most cases is the "culprit" of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle weakness, imbalance of insulin and insomnia.

Tsiluymosya by the rules and without them!

It seems so far have not created courses like "How to kiss". Intricacies of this deed and asivskoi skills we recruit based solely on their own experience. Another thing that created a lot of kissing a wide variety of classifications, indicating the type and the names of themselves kissing. So, everyone knows the Kama Sutra gives a thorough explanation of the process of kissing and its variants. So, kiss your mouth with different meanings, and in execution. Just Kisses are called ENIT. These include the kisses and the usual friendly kiss. Kissing with tongue - the most. These include the so-called "wet" or French kissing. Kisses to the case involving the fingers - AVAGAKUMNBANA. This is a higher aerobatics. Kisses "game" - YUDHA.

There are the following, no less interesting, classification. "Inati" - a gentle kiss on the lips, unhurried, with his lips, without touching the teeth, but not leaving without a kiss or a part of the bay. "Shy" - she kisses, slightly moving his lower lip, as if trying to break away. "Equal" - he takes her to his lips, making her lips pout and suck in, trying to touch the tongue. "Fighting mouths" - his mouth half open, her too, though both suck, bite your lips gently, but carefully, so in a passionate burst NOT bite the lips. "Playful" - he gently bites her lip. "Kiss of the teeth" - he in a passionate burst of polizue teeth, throwing back her head lower and lower. "The Most" - a kiss of language. He takes her tongue in her mouth and, almost touching it with his teeth and sucks it. It seeks to swallow his tongue, thus showing their passionate desire to possess them as a man. "Hizhnist - tongue kiss him or her lips, a light touch of the language of the upper or lower lip. Delight in a light contact. "Sink" - a kiss on the ear with a light biting earlobes and lips touch his ear. "Gourmet" - the language slightly to heaven. "Ata" (play) - the first catch lip of another, to push their language to another and enter into his mouth with his tongue, kiss her nose and chin. "Passionate" - kissing breast nipples. Kiss below the mouth, below the belly. Kiss of the seats fold the hands and feet.

Tsomchikovi tsikaviky

World record length of the kiss belongs to one couple from Chicago (17 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes). Winners of the "Marathon Kiss" did a five-minute breaks every hour. Two hours a day, set aside a couple for meals and rest. Original record of the underwater kiss (2 minutes 18 seconds) has established a young couple from Tokyo. The champion of the English city of Newcastle has managed up to 8 hours to kiss 4444 women. The longest cinematic kiss (185 seconds) was shown not during the "sexual revolution" and in the distant 1910, when the U.S. went out on cinema screens the movie "You're in the army."

However, in European countries, citizens kissing relatively rare. According to sociological surveys, the average European during the day kissing is about 7 times, young people - about 12 times, the spouse with the "experience" and the citizens over age 50 - about 2 times. 12% of respondents could not even remember when kissing one last time. By the way, each successive generation starts to kiss "really" before the previous one.

70% of young people from 16 to 24 years, first kiss before they turn 15, while from their parents, the experience had only 46%. Every tenth young man starts to kiss "really" before reaching the age of ten.

A quarter of girls aged 15-24 years admitted that for the sake of a single kiss their idol, they gladly would have settled in the neighborhood with his mother, or would agree to a year to iron his shirts.

In the kisses of women prefer men to the following professions:
39% of women - military, 37% - lawyers, 27% - accountants, 14% - the athletes.

What else can I say - tsiluymosya to health, and most importantly - having fun! The undisputed fact remains that if the feelings are really sincere - it does not matter who the object of attention of your lips: lawyer, doctor, manager or janitor, no matter where you do it: in the park, the foyer of the theater, the cinema or in the entryway, it does not matter which will use the style or techniques: "petal", "mill", "ho" or "sink". The main thing that you're passionate about it so much that (and how banal the words did not sound) for both such thing as "time" will disappear. Inter-ha-li. So - tsiluymosya satiety and ad libitum. And instead of a simple "Good-bye! Speak better "to kiss! At least, that is spoken in jest by our ancestors.

50 types of kisses
1. Usual kiss on the lips, accompanied by mild pressure on them.
2. Usual kiss on the lips, accompanied by a stronger touch.
3. "Love bites". When a kiss is enhanced sensory stimulation, it turns into a love bite. "Kama Sutra" encourages biting the same places on the body, where they kiss. Except only the upper lip, tongue and eyes. In other words, the most suitable places for a bite - it's forehead, lower lip, cheek, chest, arms and belly button.
4. "Deep Kiss", or "Maraychinazh" which the French call the "kiss of the soul," and we "French kiss".
5. Kiss in the eye with a very low pressure on the them.
6. Kiss on the neck, which is considered particularly pleasant for women.
7. Long Kiss. Lips of lovers, as it were unable to break away from each other. A kiss is accompanied by a stronger, then weaker nadavlivaniem lips.
8. Kiss in the corner of his mouth. Kiss it in one direction and then in another corner of his mouth.
9. Throbbing kiss. Lips and nose pressed to the cheek girl easily vibrating and rubbing on the cheek.
10. Many small kisses on the inside of the hands, up from the wrist to armpit. these kisses are able to awaken love.
11. A kiss on the cheek. Normal and natural. However, much more fun can be obtained from the lungs, very, very quick kisses on the various points of the person, except for his lips. Speed is especially important.
12. A large variety can be made, kissing partner on the lips, slightly inflating at the same time his own.
13. The previous version can be slightly modified if the pout is the one who kisses.
14. Can cause an extremely pleasant feeling, kissing the ear lobe or a loved one next to it. Men especially like when they both kissed.
15. Variation of the previous method can serve as an easy posasyvanie earlobes instead of kissing them.
16. Rain kisses, covering the neck and chest, down lower and lower at different speeds. Some kiss may be shorter than the other longer.
17. The inner side of the thigh is particularly responsive to the kiss.
18. Many Romantic writers glorified the kisses on the shoulder. Men do not love like kisses, but love to kiss the shoulders of women themselves.
19. Beautiful preliminary stage before kissing on the lips - kissing the fingertips.
20. A common modification of a kiss on the lips is easy posasyvanie lips, instead of clicking on them.
21 and 22. You can restrict posasyvaniem only one mouth. The top or bottom.
23. You can continue to make diversity in the described way, sucking on a queue then the top, the lower lip. Do not make it too hard. Tenderness and care should take place and passion.
24. Gladyaschy kiss. Easily touched his forehead with his lips on the one hand, gently hold them through the forehead and kissing the other side.
25. Exactly the same stroking a kiss can be a kiss on the lips. Touching the corner of his mouth with his lips, to hold them along the lips and gently kissed the other corner.
26. Peck at the tip of the nose can be an excellent prelude to more intensive forms of kissing.
27. A man can enter the tip of the tongue between the lips beloved, holding left to right, then right to left. So you can continue for quite some time. And there is no reason why the girl do the same.
28. You can touch the lips and cheek teeth, while not forgetting about the accuracy, so as not to hurt each other.
29. You can also "snack" lips mouthed partner so that the teeth in the kiss were not involved.
30. A gentle touch tip of her tongue.
31. Preview kiss can be diversified by alternately touching tip of the tongue and twitching away them.
32. Suction when lovers kiss brings great pleasure. These kisses are used actively and accept calmly and patiently. Time kissing one partner, sometimes another, but can, for variety, kissing and at the same time.
33. Many people especially sensitive to kiss in the area where the neck into the shoulders. Both the front and rear.
34. As for kissing other body parts, the majority of men and women spin extraordinarily sensitive to caresses, especially the lower part of the spine. Hips are also very sensitive and form a weak erogenous zone.
35. Kiss of a mutual gentle stroking erogenous zones.
36. You can kiss the right under the chin while kissing the head raised up.
37. Throat area is very sensitive to kissing, so kiss the bottom of the neck, an unusually pleasant.
38. Variation of the usual kiss on the lips is a kiss just above the center of the upper lip, under the tip of the nose.
39. If he is hindered his mustache, is a kiss just below the center of the lower lip.
40. A quick kiss, "Licking" tip of the tongue ear.
41. "Profiling a kiss." A series of kisses along the line of facial symmetry, since the middle of the forehead, then dropping along the nose to the center point of the mouth and finishing in the middle of the chin. You can finish with a kiss on the lips.
42. Kisses in the upper chest girl. Kisses nipple.
43. Head and nape of the neck are most people's erogenous zone, so easy stroking the area with his lips up and down is very pleasant.
44. "Khrebtovaya kiss." It is a series of small kisses along the spine, starting near the neck and ending at the lowest point of the spine.
45. The inverse of the previous is also a whole rain of kisses, but in front.
46. "Gladyaschy kiss along the eyebrows.
47. Possibly suck his eyebrows instead of kissing them.
48. Sufficiently intimate kissing in the area where the thigh move the body, very excite desire. Men mostly prefer to be active participants, and women - to take a kiss.
49. Also available kisses down from the navel to the point where the hip turns in the body. The lips should be relaxed to make it easy to hold in the skin.
50. Kiss of the young when they kiss their fingertips and then momentarily pressed to his lips, his beloved. This is also a kiss, so that clumsy words after him at times excessive.

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