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Tatiana's Day

Tatiana's Day

January 25.

January 12, 1755 Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree on the introduction of the Moscow University. In XIX - beg. XX centuries, students, teachers and university graduates annually celebrated Tatyana's Day (the day - a solemn act of the university, in the evening - a traditional dinner in the restaurant "Hermitage"). The celebration of the day Tatyaninogo described by many memoirists. The tradition of celebration turned to the students of the former Soviet Union, and from them - to the Ukrainian students.

A 17 November the International Day of the students.

Holy Tatiana and really considered the patroness of students, but only in Russia. The tradition of marking the day a student came there in the XVIII century and is connected with the formation of the Moscow University. Order on its establishment Count Shuvalov submitted for signature to the Empress Elizabeth was 12 (25) January 1755. He wanted to make a gift for the mother - Tatiana Petrovna Shuvalova - the day of her birthday. "I give thee university" - that phrase, who later became a cruise, "said the count, while welcoming a loved one with the day an angel. So the holy martyr Tatiana became the patroness of the University of Moscow. And over time, popular rumor made her the patroness of students. In Ukraine, the students celebrated on May 1. On this day in Kiev, teachers and students of the Kiev Academy visited the city on the hill in the tract Skaviku Glubochitsa. Especially for this day each teacher had to write poetry, comedy or tragedy. Other teachers have written the dialogues. Students collected "clubbing." To get to the festival, many prominent persons of former students, as gifts to society, such as a barrel of beer, so the fun continued until the morning. Argue that even at Khreshchatyk could hear the singing of choruses and laughter of youth.

Holy Martyr Tatiana was born into a noble Roman family. Father, a secret Christian, educated daughter of the Church and faithful to God.

When Tatyana grew up, became diakontisoyu. The duties diakontis belonged to prepare women for baptism and to help the priests directly during the actual ceremony. They carried out orders of bishops, visiting the sick and poor women, as well as to keep order in church during worship. In the XI century in the Eastern rite church diakontis ceased to exist, and their duties transferred to the nuns.

His righteous life holy Tatiana graduated as a martyr. The Prefect of Rome ordered the forced conversion of the supporters of Christ in the Roman faith. Many Christians, among whom were the father of Tatiana, caught and brought to the temple of Apollo, where forced to sacrifice to pagan gods. According to legend, she loudly declared that he would never betray his faith, and then began to pray. Suddenly there was an earthquake. Idol blown to pieces, part of the church collapsed and crushed the priests and many pagans. And among Christians, there was no one injured. Bes, who lived in the idol, the terrible cry of abandoned ruins, and those who survived and saw a shadow, flying over the city.

But even such a miracle did not stop the tormentors. Girl tortured. Tatyana was praying all the time, and there was another miracle. Tormentors saw that the girl was surrounded by four angels and withdrawn from her blows. It did not stop to torture, beat, gouged out eyes, cut the blades were etched with wild beasts, thrown into the flames. But the Lord protected her. Angels averted strikes and the heat of fire, injury healed (from the wounds instead of blood dripping milk). Affected its stability and seen the wonders, the executioners refused to obey orders, asked the saint for forgiveness and getting on her side, even at the cost of their lives.

Nothing could break the holy faith and Tatiana get her to renounce Jesus Christ. The court condemned the martyr and her father's death. She was subsequently attach to the saints.

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