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International Day of the dentist

International Day of the dentist

February 9.

The tradition of celebrating on February 9, "The International Day of the dentist" is gaining popularity worldwide. Celebrate Day of the dentist on February 9, the day of St. Apollonia has good reasons, first among them - it's surprisingly attractive image of Apollonia, come down to us through the ages.

Apollonia - the daughter of a prominent official of Alexandria, believed in Christ. According to the persecutors of Christianity, she gave a bad example to fellow citizens who had to comply with polytheism and believe in the divine origin of the emperor.

Apollonia was subjected to severe torture, demanding the renunciation of Christianity. When she refused to renounce his faith, she was captured, at first she pulled all her teeth and threatened to burn her alive. Apollonius did not flinch in the face of death.

She asked her to untie, so she could kneel down and satisfy the requirement of the crowd. When it unleashed, a brave woman threw herself into the fire. It happened on Feb. 9 249 years. Suffering and Christian feat Apollonia was so struck by her contemporaries and successors, that the legend was born that is just utter the name of Apollonia, pray for her - and tooth pain subsides. In 300, the Apollonian was canonized as a saint. Her day - 9 February.

The cult of St. Apollonia spread quickly in Europe, her pictures have been in almost every church. Although Dionysius called her an old woman, portrayed by Apollonia young pretty girl with a pair of tongs in his hands.

At the beginning of the XVIII century with the light hand of the founder of modern scientific dentistry as a science and profession, Pierre Foshara saint Apollonia, which was previously only patron suffering a toothache, became involved and dentists that are designed to prevent the pain and resolve.

While in France held dental revolution, which marked the transition from total removal of teeth to restore them. Foshar saw different people involved in dental care, a common profession, and he needed a high character, able to unite dental practitioners in one professional fraternity.

Holy Apollonius and has become such a symbol, timeless and vnekonfessionalny, as evidenced by the devotion of her name by dentists around the world for three centuries.

Dear dentists, mark this day for their pleasure, because in our lives such holidays is not so much!

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