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International Black Sea Day

International Black Sea Day

October 31.
The International Black Sea Day

International Black Sea Day - a day which is celebrated annually on October 31. The reason for its establishment was that the October 31, 1996-governmental organizations in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine signed a "Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea." (Wikipedia)

The need to protect the Black Sea ecosystem occurred in the late 80's, when because of the enormous human impact marine ecology was in a threatening condition. Disappeared almost half of the Black Sea fish - most of them valuable. The invasion of different kind of "settlers" who have brought with ballast waters from other ocean ecosystems foreign vessels, significantly worsened the situation in the Black Sea. And such problems had accumulated quite a few. What is the situation now?

Most of all a huge drain polluted water into the Black Sea impact on living organisms and fish. With 50 species of Black Sea fish now has only 27. If a few decades ago, 60 percent of the total catch accounted for valuable fish - sturgeon, mullet, turbot, sturgeon, but now it's just one percent. "Universe" in the Black Sea is almost completely destroyed rapanov Black Sea oyster.

Has not decreased and the number of vessels that dump ballast water, thereby violating the existing Convention. For example, only last year in the Black Sea dropped about 11 million tonnes of ballast water. This, of course, a huge burden on the ecosystem. As a result, the fish caught today in the Black Sea is almost a third less. Almost a critical situation and with the number of such species of dolphins as porpoise, although, according to scientists, even ten years ago this species was represented by a significant number not only in the waters of Ukraine but also in the waters of the Black Sea countries.

Since the signing of the Strategic Action Plan has been more than 10 years, and one of the most relevant aspects of the protection of the Black Sea in the regional dimension is an unstable social position, lack of awareness, activism and awareness of the need to consolidate efforts to solve pressing environmental problems of the Black Sea.

Day of the Black Sea was introduced primarily to bring together active and attract new participants environmental movement to protect the Black Sea, the broad public involvement in environmental issues, strengthen international partnerships and simply celebrate the Day of the total for all of the Black Sea - a sea of our hope. The future of the Black Sea - in our hands!

Save Our Black Sea!

Save Our Future!

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