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Day Accountant

Day Accountant

July 16

Can say with confidence: a thousand, two thousand years ago without accountants can not do any business. But their professional holiday in these priceless for any business professionals in Ukraine was not. They must not only ensure health "circulatory system" of any business, but also protect it from the unbridled imagination of owners and directors of enterprises, regulatory bodies and even bravely endure accusations that they are "crackers", "blue stockings", "nerds." ..

Day accountant says in order to emphasize the crucial role of your profession in modern society. It is hard to imagine a sector of the national economy which would not have used your work, your experience and professional knowledge.

Date of the holiday was not chosen by accident - in this day in 1999, the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine".

Until 2004, the feast was celebrated Federation of Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine informally, thus raising the prestige of the profession, forced from government in a new way to look at the professionals, to realize that accounting - it's not just tax reporting, but also a basis for management decisions. As a result of Presidential Decree number 662/2004 of 18.06.2004 on June 16 was officially declared the Day of Accounting.

The accounting profession today is one of the most popular in our country. An accountant is on each company in each institution and each institution. That's accountants have full information about the real financial status of business entities.

Without accounting information in financial reports can not do investors and shareholders, employees and managers, creditors and suppliers, lenders and customers, authorities and the public. This information helps them in making economic decisions.

Now in Ukraine there are national standards of accounting, based on international. This ensures that what is happening in our state a better understanding of the world, helps to enhance economic ties and attract investment.


Author: Rudnev SV

I die, bury me between books
And the grave of my all Nestle notes.
I die, bury in the archives under the securities
And the sound of scores knock out the door.

Bury, good people, I'm on the road
And put a tax invoice to the legs.
Under the head put all the new laws -
Maybe they need a certain canons.

To all cases and documents in the coffin,
And on the cross hanged reporting materyal empty
Circulating statement does not touch -
Invoices, orders me to Remember.

Creditors and debtors let me do not cry
(Tears will not help)
At wasting and short let cross lay.
A recent paper all tie in the package
As not enough 20 hryvnia - sleeping in my account.

Forget and start all to the declaration.
Do not forget about the applications - right.
Bury, citizens, with great honor
And the grave of my Nestle 'annual otchotom.

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