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September 27 marked and Exaltation of the True Cross, or, in the national, Zdvyzhennya.

On this day, people's signs, begin to fly south in birds. The first cuckoo does, because she dimensional birds in her key to the country. " According to popular belief, birds - a wonderful, warm place somewhere far from the sea.

Somewhere in this time of the start of hibernation hide and snakes. According to popular belief, different beasts also creeping into Vyriy. They get there just wandering through the trees. But not all snakes are pulled back, those of them that someone chastise receive punishment - they stay here freeze in the cold autumn days.

An interesting story presents Basil Skuratovskyi:

On this day, people tried not to go into the forest, because if "at this time going in groups vuzhi, snakes and other reptiles. In their collection they consulted, how and where to winter. Legend warns: if this day is exposed to nest, the snake may pokusaty.

In addition, Zdvyzhennya vuzhi take out the sentence that violated their promise - a man was bitten. Such kryvdnykivblahorodni reptiles allegedly fired from his company, and they must wander alone forests. So, who will meet after Zdvyzhennya fornicator, and among them must be a "king with a golden crown, can smile udcha. To do this, send a veil on the ground or apron. Perepovzayuchy through him, the king retains a golden talisman.

This poetic tale is interesting that after proper Zdvyzhennya lashtuyutsya reptiles in hibernation. Thus, the serpent found in the forest, particularly in people whose respect is almost impossible. Obviously not to disturb the inhabitants of the forest quietly arrange perezymok and created such a warning legend.

And a bit of Oleksy Voropay:

At Kievschine children say that day Zdvyzhennya zapovzayut bastards in the big hole and there lyzhut viper stone. Scaring the children not to walk into the forest, they tell such things. One girl is not obeyed my mother went into the woods, where she fell into a viper pit, get out there and so could not have lived through the winter until spring. viper sucked blood from her, and she licked viper stone. At Rufus (March 4) when everything wakes up from winter sleep, and get out of his den pits, got out and the girl: she was so weak that hardly came to his house. At home, she only spoke about his adventure and died.

Proverbs in Zdvyzhennya:
On land Zdvyzhennya dvyzhetsya closer to winter.
Zdvyhayetsya heaven and earth.

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