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Trinity. Green Holidays

Trinity. Green Holidays

Trinity, Trinity - a Christian festival, celebrated at 8 Sunday after Easter. Because the holiday falls on the 50 th day after Easter, the Church calls it another Pentecost. Having absorbed many features of the Jewish Pentecost, Trinity Christian and joined the national characteristics of those holidays, the traditions which it partially merged. Thus, in the Ukrainian Trinity merged with Pentecost.

Base obryadnosti Trinity - the cult of vegetation that now begins to bloom. In Ukraine in the XVII century church offered a variety of herbs: the star, mint, etc. kanuper. In the midst of these herbs are put triple candle that was called the Trinity, which should burn throughout the dinner. Then these herbs used as charm of various diseases, and gave Trinity a candle in hand dying.

Green Holidays foremost - a celebration of spring on the verge of beating the summer, when the nature of man as if celebrating its rebirth.

The celebration begins on Thursday. On this day the girls go into a field or forest Levada in there and curl wreaths on all Christmastide. Wreaths of lilies of the valley v'yut, nezabudok, basil, thyme, tarragon and woven as a means of mermaids. Used various branches of trees: maple, ash, lime, sedge, but not in any of willow. Most respected in Ukraine was poplar. There was wont to put a tree in front of the main gates and doors to protect themselves from witches. To do this the corners of the barn sometimes vstromlyuvaly aspen. This tree is trying to guess whether all family members live to see next klechannya: If made at night the tree was still green in the morning - all are healthy, if leaves pochorniye - someone seriously ill, and may even die.

During the celebration, the girls arranged a common food, and always in it was fried eggs. Egg from Easter, passed through all spring ritual: it appeared as a symbol of origin of new life, but when spring ended, eggs consumed in the form of fried eggs (embryo had become the fruit). Trinity ended main spring ritual calendar.

Once a common practice that was called "drive Topol. This girl chose from among themselves the best girl who was portraying Topol. Its richly decorated with beads, ribbons, bandana and then led through the village and fields, where at that time already kolosylys rye. If you meet people, "poplar" vklonyalasya them low, and the hosts were treated girls. Topol is given gifts or money on tape. Vodyachy Topol, girls sang:

It was a land of pure poplar field;
Stop, topolenko not rozvyvaysya
Violent wind does not let this ...

This custom has had the name "drive bush. Rite decoration of trees - are also echoes of pagan antiquity. Our ancestors worshiped trees, praying for them. Sacred trees were in their fields, on roads between villages. Ornamental trees and their honor demonstrates a strong desire to engage with nature in everyday matters farmer. There was a belief that the souls of the dead and take up residence in trees, in its green branches. That is why Green Holidays, among other things - also a celebration of worship dead souls, honoring ancestors. This happens because on the Green begins to bloom Holidays rye, but for ancient folk beliefs, the flowering in cereals wake the dead. Cherry bread - a very responsible, from which depends largely on the harvest. Therefore memorized at the time of their ancestors dead, sacrificed for them, arranged feast. The old beliefs - the dead ancestors - a kind of permanent security guards, its patrons, which could affect the crop and help in tilling for all their descendants. In the green Saturday there was a long tradition of commemorating suicide and all those who died in an unknown country or disappeared without trace.

Green Holidays

A week before the Trinity is called "green", "klechalnym" or "mermaid", the last three days this week and the first three day of the week called Whitsuntide Pentecost.

At the time of Pentecost blooming rye and folk beliefs by waking up dead, out of the water mermaid. People kvitchayut their homes and klechannyam vstelyayut aromatic herbs, girls zavivayut wreaths.

Waving wreaths

Green Week begins on Thursday. On this day the girls go on a field in Levada or in the woods and there "curl wreaths on all Yule", while singing appropriate songs.

In some areas of Ukraine, the girls go into the villages with a wreath on his head. V'yut wreath with lilies nezabudok, basil, thyme, wormwood and woven. Put under Berezko table and the table booze and snacks. Among the appetizers are always fried omelet.

In some villages of the East of Ukraine "remained a long tradition on Thursday Berezko frizz. In the morning the girls cook, gathered at one purely vymetenomu yard. In the middle of the yard is cut down a young tree, and under her pot with water. Girls walk in the yard or sitting on a porch ... a few guys holding hands in the pre-meal, others - drinking from a bucket on a stick. One of the girls coming to a tree and overthrows the pot with water and then takes a tree in his hands and singing the song with her voice ... connecting the voices of others. The gate opened and the whole band surrounding the girl with a tree, moving down the street toward the woods. In the forest rozstelyayut table cloth, put food and drink, sit around and start to eat and drink. After pyru choose one of the girls to howl berezok wreaths. Divided by two, each pair of branches of birch nests yourself a wreath, not tearing off branches of trees. As crown is ready, each pair kumuyetsya: one by one wreath gives yellow eggs, then kiss through the wreath.

After waving crowns of girls returning to the village. On Sunday, the day of Pentecost, the girls go to the very bank to develop wreaths. Each pair is considering a wreath: or even fresh or already ziv'yav? After this judge their happiness or unhappiness.

Wreaths in Ukrainian folk rituals is the symbol of great honor and a symbol of youth and purity, unblemished beauty. The girl that lost innocence, can not wear the head wreath. In addition, a wreath of flowers, the people's imagination - a defense of evil to attack.

Whit Sunday (Pentecost Klechalna Sunday)

Near the threshold of the house put green trees, windows, roofs and fences too klechaly green branches. In house on a table covered with white cloth put bread - salt, in the image - lilac and carnation. Floor grass vstelyaly, where the fragrant thyme and tarragon "of witchcraft." In pans and jugs that put on the windows and on tables - peonies, lilies, violets, musk and more. When lighted lamps or icons candell, tmave whose light, through the dense greenery probyvayuchys navyvalo at heart a feeling of joy and awe.

Cope, what should be in the house, the villagers were cleaning in festive clothes, then sat on benches, waiting for the message. Hearing the bell, got up and went to church perehrestyvshys.

There was a tradition - after the liturgy to go in procession to the wells and sprinkle them with holy water. Who villagers wanted a separation of commercial buildings, vynosyv to the gate desk, covered cloth, and put bread on top - salt. This separation of the houses, wells and outbuildings was associated with belief in the existence of mermaids peasants.

Something about it. In spring, when grasses vkryyutsya meadows, willow and rozpustyatsya fields are green, then "the water on shore leave mermaid.

Mermaids - a girl or the woman who while swimming vtopylysya. Utoplenytsi - mermaid forever - and ever away from the humdrum earthly existence, and moved in temnychnu sphere to the bottom of deep rivers and lakes, in a fabulous house, which miraculously built of crystal.

The moon and the stars cause the mermaids with water to the shore. They have their clothes, their white bleeding body, long hair, green as grass, high status and flexible, passionate and blue eyes. On his head a wreath at each of the meth, and later with water lilies. Coming out of the water, mermaid sits on the shore, comb your hair, or play amazing, with a mysterious whisper, dance. Sometimes mermaids get out of the trees and swing on the branches, singing songs. Rusalchyni song dangerous - who hears them, then come about as fascinated with mermaids, and then they tempt him to, will be in your circle will play with him, and then drag and zaloskochut on the river bottom.

In Ukraine saved a long tradition among women - in the week rusalchyn trees hang canvas that took it as a mermaid on a shirt. Moreover: the windows rozkladaly hot bread, thinking that his season will be enough mermaid. We should not throw eggs because the husk as it gets in the water, then it floats among the mermaids and do harm to people.

In rusalchyn week nobody vidvazhuyetsya swim in the river, unless the witches, because they fear not only mermaids. In the Green Week, on Thursday, no one should work not to infuriate mermaids that they have destroyed livestock, poultry and whole economy. This day is called Easter Rusalchyn. Girls playing in the morning field of rye and the limits placed on bread for mavok - that bears the rye. "

In addition, girls in this day is secretly go into the woods, carrying a tarragon and lovage (because mermaids are afraid of these plants) and there in a wood nymph thrown curl wreaths to those nasylaly them a lot of brides. In the forest alone or in the field does not walk, and bathe in the rivers - not to mermaid zaloskotaly.

In this Thursday villagers cook outdoors dishes and mutually chastuyutsya. Hostesses pour milk the way or path, where walk their cows to a watering or grazing. In the fields within the owners would put a piece of bread for the mermaids.

In Rusalchyn Easter, on Thursday, mermaid out of water, run through fields and towns, searching for their mothers. If relatives are not memorized them on Saturday, then vpiymavshy mother mermaid tickles her, saying: "Because you tickling that remembers me!" - And can zaloskotaty death.

If someone dies at the Whitsuntide holidays, the women sigh. If a small child dies, the mother was crying and said: "O God, thou shalt mermaid and not come after them, by and large, there you will pinch, tickle".

Mermaids are children who died unbaptized or those who are born brood, but also drowned. Such children buried under the threshold of the house, because the souls of those babies on the world find it easier: they cross and the priest and people, when there is a cross or a prayer read, stepping over the threshold. For seven years, until his turnover in mermaid souls of these children carried in the air and on the day of Pentecost and Whit Monday asked a cross: "My mother gave birth, unbaptized putting. If a Christian hears this voice, he must say: "John and Mary! Hreschu you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen "- and throw a towel or handkerchief, then the soul of the child will go to paradise and the mermaid will not. If seven years, so will not be baptized, went into mermaids.

Prayers for the dead

Celebrations begin on Green kvituvaty rye, and folk beliefs in a blooming cereal wake up dead. In the ancient inhabitants of Europe and especially here in Ukraine, the bread was considered by blooming most dangerous period, people were afraid that with the blossoming of something bad had happened. Dead ancestors are - it guards the interests of their kind, are to them in this dangerous time alive and called on them memorized, they offered sacrifices, for organizing hrobkah grief. Even klechannya, green branches correspond to dead ancestors: "the souls of dead people that come into the house and hide in klechanni.

In the green Saturday long been the custom of suicide and still remember those who died without a trace somewhere in the long journey in foreign lands, and those of ns in Ukraine has always been a lot. Were mostly Cossacks, and later the soldiers-heroes.

Tenth Monday

In the tenth Monday, the first day Petrovki and sometimes on the Ascension take place seeing mermaids - is specifically ordinances to get rid of the mermaids. These days the girls in field zhytah to make a special lunch - feast in honor of mermaids. After the feast the girls walk in the fields with scythes rozpletenymy and wreaths on their heads, seeing mermaids singing. Then the girls are allowed to water klechalni wreaths that were vypleteni their first day of Pentecost.

Apparently, seeing mermaids place in the field, the zhytah. Once this is done to bring on better crop of corn in the fields but later and forgotten the main purpose of the rite, seeing mermaids if they take place somewhere, there is nothing else like good fun and funny girls.

On this day also celebrated the funeral Yar, the pagan god that personified a fertile force of the spring sun. Our ancestors imagined at that time Jari walked the fields at night in a white curtain with a wreath of poppies and hops on his head and wore a sickle in his hands and standing ears of rye and wheat. Before Petrovka like Jari died - fertile land and energy of the sun reached its climax and went down. Funeral Yar symbolizes this phenomenon.

Young women Yarylo funeral marks a dance party. Fun is taking place with the participation of men, then complete. Their absence, as where is. These games are called: "honyty kite.

"Honyty kite" women gathered, happened in a tavern, where they drank vodka and danced and sang songs soromnytskyh that at another time, of course, women do not. In this fun involved only married women, widows and lonely women are not allowed.

There is a belief that the first day Petrovki place "brutal defeat, and therefore dangerous to walk into the forest. Domestic animals fed on this day is better than normal, especially pleasing to cows - to be more useful.

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