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Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas
Nicholas. Gift of Irina Sardak our site

December 19. One of the favorite holiday of the Ukrainian kids.

Nicholas lived in the late third century to the beginning of IV. For a long time was a bishop in Myra in the province of Lycia in Asia Minor. He died about the year 345. His whole life was dedicated to charity. Even during his lifetime he was called the father of orphans, widows and the poor. After his death he became famous gift of working miracles, and so it became known as a great miracle workers. Miracles were the chief reason for distributing the rapid spread of the cult.

In Ukraine, Nicholas appeared along with the Christian faith. "Encyclopedia of Ukrainian" so says St. Nicholas: "In numerous folk tales Nicholas defending people from natural disasters; he most cares about those who are at sea, so the Black Sea fishermen, based on fishing, took the image of Nicholas ... In the old days - St. Nicholas, Deputy to the dangers of the steppes. In Ukraine, in honor of St. Nicholas, built many temples. Known his wonder-working icons. Extremely respected this man of God Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

In modern times appeared a good tradition - on the day of Saint Nicholas look after their orphans and disadvantaged children, giving them gifts.

December 19 you will a look at your pillow to find there a gift from St. Nicholas. Nicholas the Miracle Worker - the defender of ordinary people, protector and educator of children.
And it can apply to such prayers.


Great Saints of God St, Nicholas, pastors and teachers of all those prayers with a sincere trust in your help. You helped those who resorted to you, and help me in all difficulties and needs of my life.
When the wave is where my strength was sick, the difficulties that stand in the way of my life, too large for me. You saint helper give me your hand and be my health, as always stand by the fact that in the trials and perils remember about you. Bless me svyatitelskogo your care, it is on a path of good, a fire in me an unshakable faith and pray to Christ God saved my soul. Amen.

Month in the horn sounded:
- Nicholas goes to the kids!
In the bag carries a lot
Podarunochkiv kids.
For Maksimka machine is,
For Marianka mandarin,
Mikolaychik for Martusi,
Grey mouse for kytsusi.
"EM" stands in the corner and thinks:
"What shall I give it?"

Joke on ":


- Dad, - asks daughter - children bring the Bug?
- Stork, stork, - responsible father.
- A St. Nicholas gifts?
- Yes, yes - father agrees.
- And what, then, you and mom? - Vhavaye not small.

- Listen, my lyubi - said Fox Mikita, - i tishtesya! Today morning Nicholas vylipyv me with heavenly clay - prydyvitsya that it blue! I, ozhyvyvshy me in spirit, said:

"Zvire Ostromysle! In zviryachim tsarstvi reigned confusion, anxiety i unfair trial. No one was not certain of your life i thy good. Come to the ground i zviryachym any king, the factory system, the courts in pravdi i do not let the hurt my nikomu zviriv!

A. Kurdydyk

St. Nicholas

Forest. Track a white field.
When the road as her grandmother,
Willows poor - sleepy, naked,
Tales zaviryusi whisper.

Mother vypryadaye yarn.
On the stove warms the shoulders of his grandfather,
He would tell us tales
On the prince and the snake.

For houses where fir,
Howling wind sribnodzvonno,
Goes, goes some distance
Sankoh parokonno.

And spruce whisper: "Goes!"
Kaganets jumped up.
- Mom! Dad! To Father, grandfather!
Someone is knocking outside!

And spruce for houses,
And poplar - barn where:
- Goes, goes sanochkamy
The children of St. Nicholas.

V. Paronova


I look forward to -
Today, St. Nicholas.
How to become dark outside,
He comes in secret.

Yet no one saw
And in children's beds
It puts under his pillow
Gifts and books.

I want to see the miracle
And today I will not sleep.
Long, long time I did not sleep:
All waited, waited, waited ...

We start to sleep ...
Nicholas entered the room,
He leaned over me
And the beard tickles.

Something whispers quietly.
I want to open my eyes,
But I can probably sleep.
I love Nicholas!

V. Paronova


Thou art to lie down to sleep faster,
For coming to visit Nicholas.
You see, the first Zvezdochka burns -
It is Nicholas us hurry.

He has horses white as snow,
Beard syvenka to foot,
In silver sanochky Barrett
And the wind Viet beard.

Nicholas of children knows everything
Gifts carries each,
He has for children's pillows
Prizes full - even a bag!

M. Ponomarenko

On holiday

St. Nicholas I,
Very, very well know.
He is on holiday in chobitok
To obedient children
He has in his bag

Holiday poems from friends site

When in windows - the stars
all soput beds,
Mom and dreams sea
and daughters - new book
about angels and summer,
and angels - my mother
someone quietly walking the world
with the full bag.
Collect the dreams in your pocket
to select treats:
comma - a handful of sweets,
who - in mandaryntsi
and yet all of such
natytsyaty under ears,
that there was no one
Not filled pillows.
And somewhere izranku-morning
with the first potyahusem
magical wonder-sledge
charming grandfather
will bring the house already
at the kraysviti
dosynaty gifts,
which nasnyly children.
       Victoria Litvak

Mice also waiting ...

At St. Nicholas
Mice also waiting
So early fall,
Politely listening to my mother
Even tisnenko to bag
Prytulyayut gray ears,
All trust hearing
Amazing quiet rustle,
To that magic moment
Nevertheless, the tail will catch.
And the night will sing softly,
Spatky-spatky want eyes,
In sweet dreams we find
Nicholas mice.
And in the morning - a miracle again
Smiling happily
From under the pillows of all of them!
This tale comes to the house ...
       Oles Ovchar

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