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Holy Virgin

Holy Virgin

October 14.

By People's calendar in October and ended fall because it was transitional from autumn to winter. The beginning of winter in the Ukrainian village of St. Mary thought (October 14) - Holy Virgin Mary and Prisnodivy. Ukrainian believers in this solemn day, go to church and speak reverently words Theotokion troparion holidays: "We, the Orthodox people celebrate joyfully enlightened thee, Mother of God, appearance, and, raising his eyes to Thy most pure image, please Poklonnaya: cut us honest thy cloak and deliver us from all evil, begging your Son, Christ our God to save our souls. "

Even in pagan times a day on which now falls of St. Mary, was associated with the cult of remembrance of ancestors and the creation of new families, celebrating the end of the tillage loop was closed when all field work. In the Christian era began with the Protection of the evenings, which lasted for Easter, and weddings, which continued to pylypivskyh zahovyn (November 27). It was also the most popular time for marriages.

Mother of God, whom they called including the cover, it considered its patron Cossacks, which means she is the patroness of Ukraine. After the President of Ukraine Decree 1999 Day October 14 is celebrated as the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. More about this can be read on a separate page.

Signs for cover:
What is the weather for cover, that would be the winter.
If not storks flew for cover - on a warm winter.
If not for cover fallen snow, there will be it until January.

Proverbs for cover:
Who is lying to the Protection shall sell all the cows.
It's Cover - no warming house without wood.
Came Protection - sit, chumache at home.
Protection of grass cover leaves the ground with snow, water - ice, and the girls - marriage crown.

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