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Holy Prophet Elijah is in a sense Mezhevoy cycles between summer and autumn holidays. Alex Voropay relegate it to have fall festivals. And Vasily Skuratovskyi writes "It seemed to completing the Summer Ritual Cycle.

Quote from Oleksy Voropay: "In southern Ukraine at this time are" Rowan night - night thunderstorms with lightning and thunder: storms so strong that the bird and prevent sleep.

In the Slavic peoples is considered the prototype of Elijah daybozkyy Perun, who was the patron saint of thunder and lightning. At this time accounts for the largest lightning days and nights passerines. During the lightning of thunder told that Elijah in a fiery chariot rides, carrying bread, or meta-lightning arrows at evil force. When lightning lighted straw stack or building, people believed that you can not repay what God has kindled. So Good weather lighted candles and read prayers.

If Elijah is not a stork flew - it foreshadowed a long warm autumn. Not this day mochyly hemp, None vtopyvsya. And he continued to swim in the water, for cold nights to come. Children were told that you can not swim, because the willow will grow back. " "When Elijah swimming only pig. On that day, tried to do nothing. Among Hutsuls there was a belief: if Gazda run on St. Elias, the Thunder will hit the "Szalasi - Poloninska camp (where keep domestic animals in summer pastures).

Elias tried to complete the harvest and even though namolotyty Korets grain. Sayings about this:
"The Elias is a new bread on the table."
"Elijah comes to the house to taste fresh bread."

Continued to wear straw hat, which was an attribute of summer heat.

Also observe the holy Mongols Buryats, Tatars, who this day do not work. Quote from book V. Sapihy: "Prophet Elijah highly respected Muslims who consider him an intermediary between heaven and earth. In honor of the saint to whom he wrote in praise of the Qur'an, Muhammad, Muslims killed the lamb. His patron, believed by representatives of various professions: chynbari, trooper. "

Feast of St. Elijah the prophet is celebrated on August 2.

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