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Where inexpensive to rest on a new 2011 in Ukraine

Where inexpensive to rest on a new 2011 in Ukraine

New Year is approaching and many are already thinking about where to celebrate. The options can be set, in our same article we will examine how and where you can relax to a new low cost 2011 in Ukraine.
Many Ukrainian people celebrate New Year as well as the Russians - initially in the family watching TV and then at the city Christmas tree. The other part is trying to spend the holiday fun and original way, and in Ukraine there are many places where you can relax with a special flavor to the New Year.

Kamenets Podolsky. Surprisingly beautiful medieval architecture and nature give an unforgettable experience that will stay still for long in your memory after visiting this amazing city.
Kamenets Podolsky is one of the oldest and most interesting is the oldest Ukrainian mist.Tut in Ukraine Town Hall, the oldest and sonorous body, which remains the world's only two, and, of course, Kamenetz fortress.
Many interesting sights are around Kamenets Podolski, such as "Crystal" and the fortress of caves, which starred such famous films as 'D' and Artanyan Three Musketeers "," Arrows of Robin Hood, "" Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe "and many others. By visiting this city, you give yourself an unforgettable experience.

Transcarpathia. On New Year in this area could be extremely good to get a lot of impressions, but also improve your health in low-cost comfortable boarding houses and sanatoriums, which are all necessary for a wonderful holiday and effective treatment. Beautiful snowy scenery, excellent ski slopes, delicious local cuisine, exciting show program and lots of positive emotions - all this awaits you in Transcarpathia.

Kalush. In the Carpathian town on New Year Enjoy a variety of interesting shows, and snow-capped Carpathian mountains and the cleanest air will add even more New Year mood. Sincerely welcoming locals and excellent service add to your celebration atmosphere of ease. In Yaremche introduces you to the everlasting tradition of celebrating New Year holidays in the Carpathians - carols, Maps, signs and Christmas, of course, the national Ukrainian cuisine.

Svyatohirsk. This town in the Donetsk region combines spirituality, modernity and beauty of primeval nature, so the New Year here can be unforgettable and amazing. You can settle down here in hotels, rented cottages on one of the inns. Here in the New Year holidays await you such entertainment as horse sledge, competitions and songs, dance around trees and lots of shows.

Odessa. Who has heard about this beautiful port city with ancient history and special flavor. Odessa during holiday turns into a place full of fun and Gulyan. On New Year in Odessa can meet many famous stars of show business. In numerous clubs in Odessa, but Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka you will entertain such celebrities as Verka Serduchka or Zhvaneckij. Also in Odessa are many attractions that will certainly worth a visit.

You can see that Ukraine can offer you different tours for the new year 2011, which is no worse and in some cases even more expensive and more exotic or European.

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