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Western Ukraine has long been famous not only lush unspoilt natural beauty, endless meadows of silky green grass, forests, scenic mountains, valleys, but is famous as a land of mass tourism, and takozhkurortamy Ukraine.
These unforgettable for its luxury country annually come not only tourists from Ukraine, but many foreign tourists. They enjoy all the attractions of natural wealth, and with the wide range of different resorts, rest houses, boarding houses, may like to relax and have fun and improve your health.
Of tourists there are many hotels of different levels, bases, private villas and more. Note that hotels in Ukraine, requests for comfort even the most demanding of their guests.
Surprisingly fantastic nature Carpathians have not left anyone indifferent. And there are mountains! Long since considered the mountain oasis of health and a better place of rest. Where else can relax so as not among the mountainous silence in the ocean beneficial ultraviolet rays, the pure, rich aroma of flowers air? Far beyond the country's most famous resorts "Svalyava", "bruises", "meadow", "Truskavets", "Morshin", "Yaremche, where at the ystselyayuschyh springs has a number of sanatoriums and resorts of Ukraine. They specialize mostly in the treatment of dyhannya.Likuvannya here get thousands of people a year.
Transcarpathia has more than 300 mineral springs. A lot of them in the river valley and its tributaries Latoritsy. Here are the carbonate mineral sources such as Borjomi.
In this heavenly land of rest not only adults but also children, which also includes all accommodation, recreation and entertainment.
Carpathian area has many different places for skiing and snowboarding to skiing. Ski lifts and trails to pursue leisure in comfort. Ski resorts such as Bukovel Podobovets Tysovets, Volovets, Dragobrat and others are most popular today. You can ride and enjoy all the luxury nature of winter, both professionals and amateurs from around the globe.
But do not think that in the Carpathians we can come only in winter. Summer tourists not lessened, because the summer opens more opportunities to learn and wonder this wondrous golden land. In summer the tourists happy and ride horses, travel by jeeps and even bicycles, swimming in mountain rivers.
Passing through towns and villages, you will see masterpieces of wooden architecture, created by talented folk artists. It is possible that your journey will be rewarded with a meeting with a wonder-flower edelweiss.
And you can choose and more demanding routes, for example, to visit the mountain rivers and waterfalls and cliffs - these unique statues, ancient witnesses legendary aura of mortality.
You can walk already trodden tourist paths on the steep slopes of the volcanic, or Polonynsky Dividing the Carpathians, to admire the alpine meadows highlanders, make climbing Plishka, spine or Yavirnyk highest peak in Ukraine - Goverlu. You can go to Gutsulschine in Bukovina by the Carpathian passes, of which you will open the magnificent panorama of mountain ranges.
Special pleasure you get from visiting CBR, landscape parks and numerous reserves and nature monuments, in which Ukrainian scientists, naturalists carefully preserve nature in its original form, as well as visit the many castles and know their mysterious history.

Come necessarily in this wonderful land, mind and body relax, heal yourself and your family, a surge of energy for the whole year and be always cheerful, happy and healthy!

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