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Vorokhta Yaremche

Vorokhta Yaremche

Vorokhta Yaremche - picturesque village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, surrounded by the Carpathians, which is a major tourist and sports center in Western Ukraine and the Carpathians. In addition to sports recreation, leisure in Vorokhta Yaremche pryavblyuye tourists beauty of the surrounding mountain peaks, rivers, bustling and beautiful forests age. A healthful air, impregnated with the smell smerekovoy needles will make your stay (treatment) in Vorokhta Yaremche not only interesting but useful.

Rest in Vorokhta Yaremche (2011 2012 2013 2014 2015) - rest, which gives you lots of positive emotions.

Winter vacation in Woroch
Winter Recreation (Vorokhta Yaremche) gives you excellent opportunities for skiing and ski jumping, since the village is famous for lots of lifts, cable-chair of roads, ski jumps, and down. This is where athletes are preparing for ski jumping and biathlon. Therefore ski vacation in Vorokhta Yaremche surprise even the most sophisticated skier. In Vorokhti Yaremche tramplinnyy is complex, which is round. Feedback on a ski holiday in Vorokhta Yaremche also not be bored. There are special trails for beginners, there are instructors. Also, fans of winter recreation in Vorokhta Yaremche can go sledding or spend time in beautiful Carpathian restaurant. Winter Holiday (Vorokhta Yaremche) - skis, sledges, snow and good mood. And all this Vorokhta Yaren - winter vacation!

Rest in Vorokhta Yaremche autumn, spring and summer attracts many tourists. And no wonder, because each season brings tourists to the village the opportunity to actively relax, dive into the wonderful nature of the Carpathians, enjoy the clean mountain air and healing water sources. Spring Vacation (Vorokhta Yaremche) - this awakening of nature, riot of colors, interesting excursions. If you - connoisseur of historical monuments, visit Gutsulskuyu wooden church of the Virgin, and also take note arched railway bridge 19 century.

Summer Vacation (Vorokhta Yaremche) - gathering of berries and mushrooms, walks through forests and valleys, swimming in rivers and waterfalls, hiking. A total of 15 kilometers from the village is proud of the Carpathians - Hoverla, so that you visit on holiday in Vorokhta Yaremche, you can climb the highest mountain of Ukraine. Rest in Woroch fall - rafting, cycling, fishing and much more.

Vorokhta Yaremcha: rest (winter), prices
Prices, rest in Vorokhta Yaremche can generally be called average, of course, there are small variations - everyone can find accommodation to fit your desires and capabilities. Marriage options to choose will not. There are hotels and inns and guest, where you can spend a pleasant holiday in a private Vorokhta Kalush. Basically, the cost of the rest in Vorokhta Yaremche depends on three factors: proximity to the lifts, luxury accommodation and season. Holiday season in the mountains (Vorokhta Yaremche) plays the role originally. In the winter vacation in Vorokhta Yaremche prices are always slightly higher than in summer. This is because first of all, winter in Vorokhta Yaren - ski vacation.

Rest in Vorokhta Yaren - a wonderful holiday close to nature. Here you can spend unforgettable days that remain in your memory for long. Buying a vacation tours (Vorokhta Yaremche), you will be able not only to relax but also to enjoy the beauty of this distinctive region. Best vacation - Vorokhta Yaremche (Ukraine).

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